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The Mercury 2024 Sex Survey Results!

In which we find out HOW Portland does it, WHO they're doing it with, and WHAT items they're using while doing it!

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Mission Impossible 8: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

No, seriously. How do people make long-term relationships work?

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“It’s Over. Check, Please!”

Portland’s Best Restaurants and Bars for Kicking Your Lover to the Curb

I Find My Love Awake

How Paul McCartney's album Ram helped heal a broken heart.

HEY SEXY PERSON! It's once again the horniest time of year—which means the annual Mercury SEX SURVEY is live, and ready for you to fill out and enjoy!

What's the sexiest thing you did in 2023? Do you use toys? What about those gas station horny pills? If you masturbate, is it a few times a month or every single day? Exactly how horny are you for Jeremy Allen White? Don't be shy, all submissions are anonymous.

BUT HURRY! Today FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23 is the LAST DAY to submit your answers and the results will be featured Friday, March 1—which un-coincidently is also the first day of the 2024 HUMP! film festival in Portland! (Have you purchased your tickets yet? It's gonna sell out, so hurry-hurry!)

Enjoy this year's super sexy Mercury SEX SURVEY! (And if the embedded survey below isn't showing up for you, then click here!

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