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To my Flaco Bonito<3

Love you mucho Gordo feo! To the moon and back, and eating all the dumplings and tacos along the way! Love you forever!


Same 1°, seen last month. No falls. No serious injuries. Wants to go over bone densitie's soon. 2 healthy children. Doing crunches, he says. misses u.


Thank you for this year of adventures and collaborations and falling and finding and entangling and hopefully building a ramp to enduring closeness.

Amber S

Hi mama! So sorry i’m not some handsome hunk, just your kid who loves you very much! happy val day and thank you so much for all you do for me:) -Gigi


You’ll always be my final boy. - Ghostface


You are the smartest, funniest, and handsomest of them all. You've helped me grow so much, and I can't wait to go on more adventures with you.


I love you more than Jimmy loves biting and more than Spaghetti loves kneading


Hi my love! It’s been a while since your last Valentine. I love you very much and so does Filbert and Lucy! Mwah <3 Stink butt


So glad I finally met you and feel a way I’ve never felt. I never knew I’d find a sweet turkey who cries during movies and brings me magic water. xoxo


Happy vday to my wife for life and my girlfriend til the end! You’re my favorite plant slut and I think we should lay down flat and watch Dune. Chris!

MissMiss Mistwess

I wove your wild wahine ways. Will you be my ohana fowevermowe? --Wa'a Kane


e-dated as kids & lost touch, you reached out a decade later, then moved across states to be together <3 our love is eternal, i'm yours forever!!!


Turn around and let me hug you… thx for washing the dishes. Mango and Disco send lots of ❤️ too. Let’s take a nap and then go get some tacos. ❤️ 😘 ❤️


Thanks for more than two decades of adventures! You still make me laugh every day. Let's make some more memories. Love, Mimi


I miss you! I am So sorry for not listening more and for not being a better mom when you went off to college. Please please call me! Love Mama Mi Mi


You’re the magic part of each and every day for me and I couldn’t be more thankful to have you in my life . Insert heart emoji


Melon loves you! Cheers to another year around the sun filled with love, light and happiness. Who knows what our future may bring!


There is nobody who I want to cuddle with more or spend every night dreaming next too. I love your dimples and that big D is always a plus. Luv kaurie


I’m so grateful to share this [& now our home] with you! Thank you for being there for me & Chloe, and for making my heart flutter everyday. I love u!


Thank you for 11 years of bundling. 🖤

Miss ReTa

You've got the kindest heart I've ever known, love is all you are. Our deep cosmic connection means you're never far. Grateful to know you, Love4Evers


I love you more than cheese.

Tom the Awesome

I will always chase waterfalls with you. My person. My love. My heart.

My Rocket

Your love is the best thing I’ve ever found that I wasn’t looking for. I can hardly wait to see what grows from the seeds we’re planting. -Your Rudder

Sara Joon

Me and the boys would be lost without you. Be my valentine?

Joannie and Kevin,

We Love yous more than corn flakes. Love, Baroness Von Awesome and her consort


Let me start by saying I had eyes for you back in the day. Now here we are and im still looking.I hope your seasonal changes include new eyes for you

Sweet Caring Carly

Your smile makes me weak, All the rocks you gift me ground me, Let's be squishy hearts together, Be my valentine this year baby? Love, R

Chum Chum panda

You are my favorite panda of all time. I love all our adventures together and I am so happy to have you as as a panda mate. Love, Sing Sing

Big Mac

roses are red, violets are blue, there is no one on earth quite like you, noodle and I love you, too


Loving you was easier than anything I'll ever do again.

Bianca Time

Seeing you from Day 1 opened my eyes to beauty not seen before in my eyes. QT time has been an issue with us but look FWD to progress as time goes on

Mikey & Covey

I am beyond lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for your patience with me and your love. I have so much fun w you and can't wait to get married!!

LiLi's Daddio

LiLi and I both love you despite of who you are; and because of who you are (even if she won't sleep in your bed.)

Big C

Thanku 4 being my very own private rockstar, babe - sooo happy to have met you & those magic fingers. (SPORTS! so local!). Be my Valentine? xo your M

Tay C

Tater Tot, you’re the coolest niece anyone could ask for! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! I 🩷U !! Gina



Jennie T

The world has gone batshit crazy. But I wake up next to you and know that together we can get through anyfuckinthing. And laugh about it. Luvst always


Things are finally getting better! I love you and those boys and I’m so happy I get to watch them grow with you.


It's an incredible honor to love you and be love by you. Here's to 10000 more adventures together - Johnnie


Miss you! I’m still down for cribbage while we listen to Karen’s brook. Perhaps a night of Warriors as well. See ya at a free pile. ~DJ Hot Toddy

Holly Elyse

I love you forever and forever. I will work each day and attempt to make you feel as safe as you make me. I am incredibly lucky. The luckiest.

Mary W

My dove my darling my sweetheart my wife - I'm so excited to build a home with you in our new space. I love you!

Alison the GOAT

Ride or die, you’ve been there for the good and bad. Thank u for being the best friend anyone could ask for and squishy boobs to cry on. Love you!

Soy Boy

You follow rules 1 & 2 and you have a nice ass. We should be fucking on the regular, IDC

NikNak Shenanigans

You will always be my sugar, even when you're being extra salty. My loyalty is unconditional. ...and you know this, man! ❤️


Hot damn. I could be what you deserve if you'd give me a chance. If nothing else, continue to be the hot boss bitch you are.


I can’t wait to hear what other amazing things you say in your sleep. My favorite accident; I’d rot in hell with you. To the ends of the earth.


Happy Valentine’s Day. My twinkle toed dancing queen. Tootie magooty fresh and fruity princess. Love of my Life. My only one.


You are the best part of every single day you've been in my life. A light that fills every room you're in. Magic is real and you are magic ✨


I love you and I love our life here together. You’re my best friend and my true partner. All that, plus your good man butt! Who could ask for more?


Let’s wander from a cliff’s ledge into a cave’s mysteries, continuing past willows to where the moss cushions, the sun warms and our light intertwines


You'll always be my Princess. I couldn't love my autistic bird girlfriend any more than I do. You're my world & you make me feel loved every day.


Mabel to my Mel. My bestie. My beautiful cuddly bear girlfriend. Thanks for 2 years of grunge/ambient wrestling. I will always make you Chinese food.

Princess B

I love fucking you. I love how you taste & smell. You're so lewd & make me cum my brains out. You're the hottest girl in the world. Fuck me forever.


Hello my little honeybear. Play the Bigfoot game with me, please. I love you! Wuv, Ponyta


Thank you for continuing to make me laugh and encouraging me every day. You're still my favorite. I love!

Panda Queen Elinor

From one of your many distant but devoted Trash Pandas, have a glorious, gossipy Galentine's Day (and Oregon's 165th birthday)!


You make me want to be the best version of me. Let's kalsarikännit and make kissy faces when the heat kicks on.


Roses are red, Here’s a fair warning: There’s a boo boo on my knee, And I got it last morning.


You made my PNW trip amazing! Thank you for everything. I love you sooooo much and I'm so happy to still be together after all these years <3 xoxo


I love you so much smook. Ever since I met you I have been absolutely enamored with you. You are the best sardine in the sea. Love you always


I love you to a whole different galaxy and back. You're so smart, interesting, and fun to be around. Thank you for existing on this plane.

🔅 You got 26 951 $. Withdrаw >> 🔅



We have had some wonderful adventures so far and am looking forward to more, whenever we can make them happen. xo-Atlas


Let's get a van and a companion pig, and watch the sunrise everyday (while I kick your cute ass at Wordle). You fill my heart! —Schmeppy D


If you are wondering whether I am still thinking of you, the answer will always be yes.


You’re a rare gem & definitely hot enough to light 10 million artisanal, luxury candles on fire with a single glance. I’m glad you’re my Valentine :)


there's no one else in this world who makes me laugh as much as you do. you're THE BEST! <3 --p


I love love love love you! You are on my mind and heart in every moment. You are smart, talented, kind, fierce, beautiful, and you've stolen my heart


The Beastie gets her cheezers. And i might catch some rubs. You get huggy squeezers. You, Miss Poops, get luvs. -Big luvs from that ol' MISTER TOOTS

Forager with an MBA

While our nest may be empty you keep it fun and frisky. Here’s to new adventures, plenty of strip backgammon and lots of laughs. Love You

Mr. Baroney

Hard 2 blieve its been a Hole yr since u introduced me 2 ur Bologna Pony & started ur famous "2Ball Cure-All" regiment! 5 stars! Head ovr heels I <3 u

Mr Fists-Alot

Your tenderized meat ring Stinks like no other For Valentines Day Douche please.


For 24 years I've loved you more than the oceans. ❤️ Renee


I miss you and love you with all my heart... Xoxo Your wife/Stephanie

Pickle MMNR

We did it and it’s been just the bestest thing ever! I look forward to getting older with you, my SilverFox. Bunny hill and Hug cave today, Love you!!

Tingle Bear

U still do it 4 me after 16+ years. I love u so much and can’t believe we’re about to raise another human! I wouldn’t do it with anyone else. 143

I'm Lookin @ A Cutie

Me: 1/2 Japanese Girl-Tan w/ Blonde Hair. You: Male-ExNavy-Am Crew Model-Surfer. We found love on the dance floor at the CopperPenny. I love you! 777


Happy Birthday! Love you more than anything 💜


You are a rare grasshopper. So sweet, whole, and gentle. Your heart can have whatever it desires. I am happy you chose me as your Valentine.


I'll keep looking for you in each lifetime so I can continue showering you with love, and tweaking your nips in the most loving ways. <3

Beste baby

It's our first Valentine's day as a married couple. Du bist das beste baby!


We looooooooooove you sweetness! Xoxo, S, E, Merc the Jerk, Cheek the Freak, The Smelly Baby, The Sheriff and Freddy Fast Fins.


To my darling partner, my love for you burns brighter each day. With you, I have found my home, my happiness, and my heart. I love you.

DJ Expulsadx

En tus ojos se esconde el universo entero tu risa, que calma el alma y el desvelo En este día de amores y quimeras, eres mi musa, mi eterna primavera

Randy Breunig

Soul Mate 🥰 Cat Dad 😻 Exceptional Person 🤩 Love You Always ❤💙💜🧡


I love you!!!! Looking forward to this next chapter in our story. My heart and booch are all yours! -M


We went on an incredibly hot date but now you’re lowkey ghosting me. It’s ok to be emotionally unavailable, but say it with your chest. Flaming still.


I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone in the whole history of love.


I can’t resist you. Thank you for swirling me up in your magical dragon world. I love it here. Let’s make fire together always.


Love you lots! We are a perfect fit ;) Happy Valentines Day <3


Happy Valentine’s etc etc… but could you maybe tone down how lovely you are? And/or stop being the best person I’ve ever met? I love you but GEEEZ 😘

My Muse

This seemed a fitting way to kick off a lifetime of love letters. Here's to our first Valentine's Day together! You have my whole heart. Love, Katelyn


Caroline and I love you more than anything.


The sun rising cannot compare, Nor the moon shimmering, even in full, To the glimmer of your beautiful eyes, And the twinkle of your genuine smile.

Big Eyes

Thank you for my favorite ten years! Let's turn the electric mattress pad up to 11 and celebrate. I love you.

Mavid, the WhiteWolf

You said what you meant, meant what you said, & have NEVER said it mean! All of me loves All of you. I'm forever yours & I know you feel the same.BB


Happy 13th Valentine’s Day! Every year with you has brought new adventures. Good or Bad we are in this together. The future looks bright. Love Buhbay

Graham Cracker Girl

You make me melt in the best ways. I love you so very much. Thank you for your patience with me and my cat-like behavior. Love, Kitty Marshmallow