The dilution will be around a half billion parts to one. Poorland's gooberment at its best, wasting your money and resources.
Pissing in reservoirs is the gateway drug. Next thing you know the little degenerates will make their way into city management.
Another point, does someone have a job where they watch these videos or was this pissing called in?
Skater pee. Only the best for Portlandia. ;-)
About 1 drop per million gallons, probably consume more via aerosols each time we pee or flush.
"And now no one seems angry at all!"

Um, maybe because it happened in the AM and you had JUST REPORTED IT...
Good thing we've got such picturesque drinking water holders for the well-to-do to gaze at from their Mt Tabor verandas.

What's wasting a few kazillion gallons of water when compared to that?
He's not a skateboarder guys... He's a wrongboarder. That's like calling a rugby player a football player.

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