Thursday Oct 18

HEARTBREAKING MUSIC--Like watching a grown man cry or a beautiful woman blush, there is something enchanting about Track Star's laconic and heavy-hearted riffs. PB w/ True Love Always, Doug Shepherd

Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 230-2111, 9 pm, $6

LEARN FROM HISTORY--I think Unfinished Symphony, about the Vietnam Veteran's Resistance Movement, is the most beautiful documentary I've ever seen. I also think anyone who watches it and still believes wars ever promote justice, is a complete fucking idiot. JS

Guild Theater, SW 9th & Taylor, 221-1156, 7 pm, $6.50

Friday Oct 19

METAL--I know the army is out there, all you metalheads waiting to unite. And unite you shall, at a show friggin' jam-packed with the riffs you're after--Dimmu Borgir, the merciless metal and satanic hardcore vocals of 6 Feet Under, Witchery, Lamb of God, Soilent Green, God Forbid, Darkest Hour. Revel in the blasphemy and be careful in the mosh pit. KS

Roseland, 8 NW 6 th, 224-TIXX, 6:30 pm, $25

FILM TALK--What to do when your keynote speaker has pledged never to set foot in America? Line up someone to talk about him, of course! The Clinton Street presents Jack Stevenson, author of an upcoming book on the sometimes dour, oftentimes cynical film director Lars Von Trier (Lars Von Trier and the Art of Provoking Oneself). An in-depth and insightful lecture and slide show. PB

Lars Von Trier Under Glass, Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, 7 pm, $6

Saturday Oct 20

MUSIC--Not only does Sam Coomes kick our asses when it comes to music trivia, but he kicks our asses with his forlorn whine (I mean that in a good way), sweet guitar and keyboard--oh and record sales and popularity. See Quasi; love them. KS w/ Magic Magicians, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 224-4400, 9 pm, $9

STYLES OF BEYOND--So, you like a little flow to your hiphop? Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe you'll like Styles of Beyond, then, who cut up the the most melodic, lyrical rhymes, but somehow manage to stay far, far away from anything even resembling a cheesecake. KD

B Complex, 320 SE 2nd Ave, 235-4424, $10

Sunday Oct 21

GEN-XER DEALS POORLY WITH WANING ECONOMY/ CLASS ISSUES--When I heard that PGE was hanging by a string, and that they're having a haunted house called Dungeon of Doom (mwahahah) in PGE Park, boy did I ever have a good chortle! You think it'll be haunted by laid-off workers? JS

PGE Park, 1844 SW Morrison, 553-5555 or 224-4400, $9

MUSIC--Ahem. Jenny Toomey is the undisputed queen of indie rock. And if you don't believe it, may I please refer you to Julianne's unceasing rant of love to Ms. Toomey on page 15. What you need to know about tonight's show, however, is that Ms. Toomey has progressed into a new musical arena in which she will surely enthrall you with her jazz-tinged torch songs in the style of Nina Simone. In other words, not to be missed. WSH

Blackbird, 3728 NE Sandy, 282-9949, 9 pm

Monday Oct 22

FILM--Tired of all those old-timers going on and on about how things were better in "their day"? Then take those fogeys to Wisconsin Death Trip, a documentary based on the awesome book of turn o' the century Wisconsin, and the horrible occurrences that occurred therein! Suicide, murder, infanticide, arson, demonic possessions, coke-addled schoolmarms--you name it! So put that in your pipe, grandpappy! And smoke it! WSH

Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, 7 & 9 pm, $6

Tuesday Oct 23

(SMOG)--God, how could you have a better name for this guy? His music is really like smog--lovely, indulgent, smoggy depression. And if you're like me, that kind of shit cracks open your inner sap/masochist like nothing else. I promise, this guy's croaky licks and cynical guitar will do it to you. Time to start slitting those wrists! KD w/ Neil Michael Hagerty

Berbati's Pan, 231 SW Ankeny, 224-TIXX, 9 pm, $10-$12

MUSIC--Sweep the Leg Johnny's muscular, jazzy punk rock is a storm of complicated power, not to mention tight as hell. Also, their saxophonist's head might explode from blowing so intensely and ceaselessly. JS w/ A John Henry Memorial, Menomena

Blackbird, 3728 NE Sandy, 282-9949, 9:30 pm, $7

Wednesday Oct 24

MUSIC--Stereolab--like fine food, the layers of their songs evolve over time to give different impressions of the same basic taste. Each instrument or voice simultaneously analyzes and integrates its commentary with the music to create a perfect, consistently shifting mood. Close your eyes and enjoy this sensation like it is the only thing in the entire world. AGB

Crystal Ballroom, 1334 W Burnside, 224-4400, 7 pm