Magic Kingdom
Ex-Portland Zoo worker Wesley Younie creates semi-narrative paintings about human, animal, and vegetative interactions, drawing from sources such as fairy tales, cartoons, and Darwin. V-Gun , 412 SW 4th Ave., 226-3400

Trouble in Tiny Town
Chris Caccamise creates a miniature world that is both recognizable and phantasmagoric. Most of the imagery could be found in an old trunk of Fisher-Price toys--locomotives, automobiles, buildings--but it is all constructed out of paper and covered in a final layer of enamel paint. Caccamise's attention to detail and painstaking labor is combined with an acute sense of both aesthetics and play. A close inspection of Broken Hammer for example, reveals not only an intricate model of a broken hammer, but tiny details of a mountain and a lake at each splintered end of the handle--the busted utilitarian tool is juxtaposed with an idyllic landscape. Other works feature mailboxes arranged on a tri-level platform like Olympians awaiting their medals (it's called Best Mailbox), an axe-wielding machine called Mountain Splitter, and a coffin floating on a multi-colored plume of clouds. RD Savage Art Resources , 1430 SE 3rd Ave, 230-0265

Walking Dreams
Pre-Raphaelite painters (British Victorians from the mid-19th Century) were the D&D nerds of their day. Obsessed with corny tales like King Arthur, the Bible, and ancient mythology, the Pre-Raphs made super-detailed paintings inspired by these stories and carried torches for exceptionally pale girls. Portland Art Museum , 1219 SW Park Ave, 226-2811, Through May 29, $6-10