Backspace's 2nd Anniversary Party
In addition to an all-day FREE Retrocade gaming exhibition (Sunday), a kickin' bboy battle (Saturday, 4-9 pm), and an all-night DJ party (Saturday), Backspace is cramming in works from 200 artists as part of its second birthday party, of all different mediums and backgrounds. Backspace , 115 NW 5th, 248-2900, All weekend

Joe Macca cannot be contained. At a recent show at PDX Gallery, he exhibited remarkably different bodies of work-luscious monochrome glaze paintings alongside sardonic drawings on toilet paper tubes. New American Art Union is showing a grab bag of recent projects: collages from Artforum, postcard collaborations, a video of Macca, Jeff Jahn, and Jane Beebe baking cookies, and half-finished paintings that you can complete when you visit the gallery. New American Art Union , 922 SE Ankeny St., 231-8294, July 1- 30

Found Paintings From a Changing Landscape
Liz Obert's new photographs are remarkably process-heavy. She photographed paint and graffiti, printed the images on an ink-jet printer, then transferred them as acrylic gels onto wooden panels. Go on down to Pushdot and see if the ends justify the means. Pushdot Studio , 833 NW 14th, 224-5925, July 5-29

Stay Wild!
Here's a fun arty-party. Check out an installation by the super-lo-fi art collective Junk Town, and pick up Justin "Scrappers" Morrison's latest issue of his ongoing cultural zine Old Growth. Plus! Pictures with Bigfoot, and music from the Watery Graves, White Rainbow, and Mise En Abyme. Acme , SE 8th & Main, 230-9020, Sat 8 pm, $5

Individual Dignity
Los Angeles photographer Josh Sanseri began photographing small business owners in 1999, and some of the 40x40" prints are on view all month at Newspace. While the works are about entrepreneurship, especially in the face of corporate retail chains, they are about solid environmental portraiture as much as anything else. Newspace , 1632 SE 10th, 963-1935, July 1-31