Against nature
If you've never checked out Pat Boas' beautiful and creepy drawings before, do yourself a favor and check out the PDX Window Project this month. Intricately drafted mobius strips and interlocking circles of tiger's tail, octopus tentacles, and snake skins loop together and intertwine in magical, quasi-scientific renderings that will take your breath away. PDX Window Project, 405 NW 9th, through Dec 31

Prints for PICA
Time again for Prints for Pica, where more than 50 of Portland's high-tier artists make prints in front of your very eyes, and then you buy the prints real cheap-like, hang them on your wall, and impress your mates! Studio 333, 333 NE Hancock, Sat 4-9 pm

Small Wonder
Just in time for Christmas, Mark Woolley presents Small Wonders, a salon-style show of bite-sized works by a couple dozen artists. Mark Woolley Gallery, 120 NW 9th, Suite 210, 224-5475, through Jan 28

The Art of Musical Maintenance II
If bang-for-your-buck is an important criteria in your quest for searching out art shows, your best bet is to head over to Goodfoot for this huge show of poster art from over 250 music shows from across the country, created by over 50 different artists. Goodfoot, 2845 SE Stark, 740-1340, through Jan 23

Tomiko Jones
University of Arizona grad student Tomiko Jones brings a feminist critique to the classical landscape stylings of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams by crafting technically precise landscape photos, then doing wacky, girly things like urinating in the foreground of the images. Who knew that photos of a girl taking a leak could be so pedantic and boring? I shudder to think of what these photos will do to the legacy of Ansel Adams. Newspace, 1632 SE 10th, 963-1935, through Dec 31