Green Light Green Light
small A's latest offering is a group show of three young New York artists whose work concerns itself with the absurd pathos of everyday life. Jamie Isenstein (formerly of Portland) has two new installations planned for the exhibit; Anissa Mack famously placed fresh-baked apple pies in front of the Brooklyn Public Library for passersby to steal; and Josh Shaddock works with language and humor to suggest tiny disruptions in the daily routine. small A projects, 1430 SE 3rd, 234-7993, Fri Nov 17-Dec 23; opening reception Fri Nov 17, 5-8 pm

Over 50 artists have donated affordable ($50-200) works of art to support Gallery Homeland's residency project and their efforts to create exchange programs with other cities around the globe. More to the point: Here's a chance to snatch up work by great local artists like Chris Johanson, Ethan Rose, Paige Saez, Cynthia Star, and Joe Biel at bargain basement prices. Gallery Homeland, 620 SE 3rd, through Dec 2

Michael Kenna Interviews Daido Moriyama
Post-war Japan produced no shortage of photographic geniuses, but of all the photographers of that era, few resonate as deeply as Osaka-born Daido Moriyama (b. 1938). Antagonistic, voyeuristic, poetic, and sometimes troubling, Moriyama's vision of Japan reveals itself like a great novel with extended viewing. This Saturday night, American landscape photographer Michael Kenna will interview Moriyama, and a short film about the Japanese photographer will be screened. Whitsell Auditorium, Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park, 221-1156, Sat Nov 18, 7 pm, $5-10