On the cover this week is Inés Estrada, a self taught artist from Mexico City, currently based in Texas running an online shop of comics, apparel, and her own designs through Gatosaurio. Her illustrations are tough, sexy, and hilarious—a perfect fit for our issue made by all women and nonbinary contributors. Check out her self-published comic collections Alienation (2016), Ojitos Borrosos (2012) and Impatience (2016), and her graphic novel Lapsos (2014). Her risograph booklet titled the Sixth Mass Extinction (2016) is one of my favorites, an illustrated depiction of humans cruelty towards the animal kingdom.

Most recently, she has also co-edited and designed Fanzinología Mexicana 1985-2015, the first anthology about the history and graphic of Mexican zines. Estrada also gives talks and workshops in various international festivals about making zines, comics, and organizing events.

Read more about Estrada through her tips for making it as a professional, and her interview at Comics & Cola, The Only Person I Try to Please is Myself.

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