The Illicit Art of the Mural

Exploring Portland's Prettiest Walls


I like this but I wish it had more pictures/map graphics.
I own the Belmont Garage and Paige Prendergast of Breeze Block Gallery has never curated any of the murals. My friend Ashley Montague is the curator and has been for the last 9+ years. Where did you get your information?
@Cravedog-- When I asked Paige about the Belmont Garage and the current pieces on display, she wrote the following in an email response:

"The Belmont Garage is privately owned and curated by a handful of people in town. I curated the two walls you are referring to. Raskoe and Suer are close friends of mine and Breeze Block artists as well - long history with two these guys, lots of shows and murals at Breeze Block."

Maybe Ashley and Paige worked together on it?
This is correct - Ashley gave permission for Paige to curate and bring these artists to the wall. Ashley Montague has been the main curator of this wall for 9+ years as cravedog said above.
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the quick response. I will speak with Ashley and get back to you.

For the record, the garage is not curated by a handful of people as Paige suggests. Ashley Montague is the man behind the curtain and has been for many years. Its too bad he did not get any credit.
wish there were more spots in portland like the belmont garage..........its refreshing to see great mural work revolving on those walls...........but the article is letting folks know where to
find great mural work all around town.........lets not miss the point.............this is a positive write -up........its nice to see someone writing about these kind of murals and the style of art they represent...............
the breeze block gallery and the artists are all a big joke, all the breeze block gallery does is sell expensive spray paint to high school kids, they don't promote art, let alone sell or curate art around the city.
As a small business, we are fortunate to have worked hard and run a successful gallery for the last three years. Even in the best economic times, something has to pay the rent, and for us sometimes that's art supplies. We enjoy selling spray paint to mural and gallery artists but do not make that the forefront of our goals or reputation as a gallery. We are thankful to have talented artists for our monthly art shows and be involved in and supported by our local community. -Paige Prendergast, owner and curator