R.I.P, Crappy Art Trends

Matt Stangel Eulogizes Art Trends Whose Time Has Come


As pretentious this article is by nature... I pretty much agree. But you forgot one of the big hitters, art on skateboard decks.

Also, fuck bike art.
R.I.P. Appreciation, and meaningful analysis in Art review. Honestly, what purpose does this article serve?
you lost me when you got to pizza. but yeah on the people with animal heads. especially people in victorian clothing with animal heads. i actually like that kind of thing but i think we could all use a break from it for a while. kind of like how i support a moratorium on leonard cohen's hallelujah appearing on movie soundtracks. we all know it's an awesome song...it's fuckin' enough already. give it a decade or something, alright?
Damnit, I JUST got into lisa hanawalt's illos of people with animal heads. And now I find out they're not cool anymore.

@m3hl If you're going to do away with art on skateboard decks, I think you also have to scrap art on vinyl records. Those two go hand in hand.
Matt you forgot cute anime style girls with big eyes and vampire fangs being slightly naughty AKA every other "artist" in Juxtapoz.....
Haha, I think this article is spot on. The animal heads trend has been bugging me for years. I mean, Max Ernst and others were doing that in the 1920s. I like it, but now it's all just imitation work... I can see where people are upset by the article, but as an artist myself, I like to see innovation.

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Pinki, I'm pretty sure the purpose of this article is to out people who lack a sense of humor.
I don't know that I agree that people with animal heads belongs in the "crappy art trends" category. I'd say it's a timeless theme that resonates with people, therefore it belongs in the still enjoyable art trends category. Portland has a lot of art that is clearly responding to design trends- using birds being an obvious one. I see a lot of whales and octopuses on design blogs and in art as well. But despite the obvious trendiness I still find myself drawn to images of each, so what's the point in sneering?
Can birds and botanical illustrations be added to this list?
"R.I.P. Appreciation, and meaningful analysis in Art review. Honestly, what purpose does this article serve?"

That there are tons of effortless hacks and unoriginal copycats. Appreciation is one thing, but intellectualizing art (especially if its been done over and over)usually goes too far. But you can go ahead and appreciate anything you want ;)
the "art on skateboard decks" and "anime style girls with big eyes" are excellent additions.

can we also add the art world's overall fascination with street art to this list?
Please some one shoot the fake Lolita one. I mean, the fake ones. Myspaces and FB profiles will thank you anonymous shooter. And Magazines and Vampire movies. It´s a public service.
Yet another to go.....kid art done by adults !!!! You know who you are.Try exposing not exploiting the kids.Let them do the art.Support your local youths....not some talentless adult.
Might I suggest Alberta St genre and steam punk genre. also, The Pearl District.
also, "silhouettes telephone poles with birds on telephone wires".
I still dig the "kid art done by adults", when done honestly. It always gives me a perspective of the adult world we live in. Or the semi adult world we live in, which is the case of this way of presenting to the world situations and/or ideas. "Kid art done by adults", I say, that it should go on and on and not get shot down nor hanged.
This is pretty hilarious. But I guess I now have to unfollow the Tumblr called Look At This Fucking Triangle: http://lookatthisfuckingtriangle.tumblr.co…. Oh well.
i would add owls also.
Mitch O'Connell's art career. Born in a tryst between Juxtapoz magazine's readership and Coop's merchandising success. A shameless parade of popular memes and calculated images (zombies, Bettie Page, 50's kitsch), he was a sort of WalMart Shag.
He's survived by millions of dollars worth of T-shirts and similar paraphernalia at Hot Topics and Urban Outfitters.
Brilliant... keep it up. How about overworked pencil sketches of some guys girlfriend?
Leaky.......done honestly would BE done by kids and THEIR perspectives.You get it?
@Internet Narcistical Coconut Head: I still don`t get why the Lazers one had to die. Have u seen boobs_n_lazers.com?
I've seen lots of actual childrens art though.Hire them and quit ripping them off.Kids could use some money too.