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Call It Art, But Don't Call It Accessible


A few things.

Lucy Raven and Rebecca Gates installation / performance Room Tone: Variation is open all day, and most active at 1pm and 10:30 pm during the performances, these are clearly listed at the entry of the gallery and on all of the exhibition's printed ephemera located the check in desk at Conway, and they are current on our web site - unfortunately we had not set performance times at the time of printing the TBA guide something that often happens because we have to send initial marketing publications to print so much in advance of the new and commissioned works making.

Andrew Ritchey's Secret Society is open and "closed" at the artists discretion it is aptly named Secret Society... even when the room is closed there is something on display. You only need to look at the door. A sculpture of sorts hangs there, minimal but still present, still something to regard and consider, still art. Post-Festival Ritchey will host four different film screenings over five days of rare 16mm films made by Chick Strand, George Kuchar and others... all of info is on our website and on material available at the Conway venue, and is also on the sign in front of Ritchey's gallery.

The abstract strategy games presented as sculptures in Alex Dolan's exhibition are called TAMSK, they are not Chinese Checkers. The exhibition title is Cycle, Sun, Limit which is printed at the entrance of his gallery. "Puzzles as sculpture" is a paragraph intro in our marketing copy from the TBA Guide and was never put forward as his exhibition title.

Craycroft's exhibition was the result of a summer long series of workshops. These workshops were also a result of the exhibition and were performative, generative works of art in and of themselves. Many of the artworks WERE made by children. You are right. You had to be there. Many of the artists on the festival, in the Visual Art and Performance program are asserting that the lecture, that the workshop or that the conversation can be or should be considered art works (or working art). These things are happening in the moment and indeed ephemeral , but, they are absolutely legit. I choose to listen to artists definition of what an artwork is. It is their form, they can shape it, they should name it. This is one of the core tenants of the group of Visual Art projects included in this years festival. The projects happen or don't happen in many locations across the city and on the world wide web. Not one location is more important than the others. Not one form is more important than another. Visual Art "action" is not what I am after this year, it is not about spectacle. The work is quiet and deliberate. There may not be a show - there may only be showing up. I thank you whole heartedly for showing up !

I don't think I would ever use the word accessible, something which you point out a word that makes me cringe and recoil. Accessible roads sure, accessible art, NO THANK YOU. I don't believe art or this art is for everyone. It takes some work, it is about reciprocity, engagement, inquiry, workshop as exhibition, experiment as result, it is about moving around the city, it is about seeking out information and community. Sometimes this is obscure and challenging, sometimes it is totally inclusive and embracing. Sometimes it involves climbing the stairs.

- Kristan Kennedy, Visual Art Curator, PICA

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