Advance reservations are recommended for many of these events. Check the PICA web site ( and the TBA schedule for further info.

* Diamanda Galas

Defixiones: Will & Testament--September 10 @ 9 pm, Newmark Theater, PCPA; La Serpenta Canta--September 12 @ 9 pm, Newmark Theater, PCPA

As part of her "ongoing campaign against forgetting," Galas invests classic Motown and R&B tunes with sinister emotional energy. She's extremely creepy.

* Helen Herbertson and Ben Cobham

Morphia Series--September 10-15 @ 6, 6:45 & 7:30 pm, meet at PICA, 219 NW 12th, call 248-4335 for advance tickets

Audiences of only 12 will meet at PICA and then be transported to a private location, where Herbertson and Cobham will perform an intimate collaboration about the Greek God Morpheus, aka Laurence Fishburne's character in The Matrix.

* Ethel

Ethel's Greatest Hits--September 14 @ 9 pm, Newmark Theater in PCPA; W/The Clogs--September 15 @ 10 pm, Machineworks

Ethel is an irreverent, progressive string quartet who have performed and recorded with such avant-garde luminaries as the Steve Reich Ensemble, Bang on a Can All-Stars, Yo-Yo Ma, and--wait for it--Reba McEntire!

* 33 Fainting Spells

Our Little Sunbeam--September 16-18 @ 9 pm, Winningstad Theater, PCPA

This internationally renowned, Seattle-based dance company draws parallels between a Chekhov story and an astronaut's orbit around the globe.

* Akira Kasai

Pollen Revolution--September 17-19 @ 9 pm, Newmark Theater, PCPA,

For all you post-modern, cross-cultural genre busting geeks out there, PICA brings you Kasai, who starts Pollen Revolution in a Kabuki style, then wraps everything up in full b-boy stance. It's dat Butoh, beyotch!

* Andrew Dickson

AC Dickson: eBay Powerseller--September 10 & 12 @ 5:30 pm, September 11 @ 2 pm, Wieden + Kennedy Atrium

Dickson veers out of Christopher Guest territory into more of a Spalding Gray zone with this edutainment seminar about how to become self-sufficient while unloading all of your crap.



September 12 @ 10 pm, Machineworks

Richard Move has created a loving impersonation of/homage to dance icon Martha Graham. Just like Robin Williams did in The Birdcage.

* Guy Maddin

Cowards, Bend the Knee--September 17 @ 7 & 9:15 pm, September 18 @ 8 pm, Guild Theater

Eerie, faux-autobiographical, sexually charged homages to silent film and voyeurism. I'll see you there.

* Family Supper First Night

September 11 @ 7 pm, Machineworks

A: You mean it's just dinner?
B: No, they call it supper.
A: But it's the same thing, right?
B: Yeah, but you get to sit next to strangers.
A: Oh…; that's cool, I guess.

* David Eckard

Podium--September 10-19, 40 hours per week, around town

Our hometown kinky farm boy continues to confuse downtown businesspeople as he bumbles about, building and disassembling his makeshift podium to deliver bouts of spoken word.

* Meow Meow

September 17 @ 10 pm, Machineworks

A retro cabaret kitsch variety show. Can you smell my excitement? No? Keep smelling.