In my recent attempt to unearth interesting animation from the tangled Web, I began with a simple keyword: Animation. Unfortunately, the slew of links that pop up are all half-wit cousins from network cartoons. was a tremendous disappointment, operating mainly as an advertisement for the cable 'toon. is also an advertising vehicle, offering shorts with only a glimmer of entertainment.

Luckily a friend sent me a URl worth looking at. is a rare Web gem. The creator(s) have constructed a minimal and conceptual landscape, utilizing basic technological trickery. The site unfolds as a simple, yet clever animation--of sorts. A black background supports an ongoing deluge of white lines, symbols, and computer language characters. Upon first perusal, the screen lights up in what seems like computer malfunction. Slowly though, the viewer realizes the game and becomes captive to a hypnotic series of line patterns. In an archaic fashion, is a unique moving image which takes a little imagination from the viewer to construct a story.