"For women, the theme for 2004 is short, short, short. Mini-skirts and mini-dressesÉ the t-shirt dress will be everywhere, worn with brightly colored flats and leg warmers. Ruffles on skirts and askew zippers will also be flying high."--Sarah Shaoul, Retread Threads

"Portland will continue making its fashion mark with more and more recycled materials. They're cool, have character and are readily available and affordable to anyone with a great idea."--Genna Golden, GOLD Boutique

"You know those shorts and sweatpants that have 'Juicy' written on the ass? In 2004, designers will expand on this concept by printing more ass-words on your pants like, 'Infected,' 'Diarrhea,' and 'Wide Load'."--Wm.™ Steven Humphrey, editor/columnist

"Low-Rise jeans are going to become so low, you can fuck with your jeans on."--Chad, Nordstrom

"Get your lingerie on the outside! Wear slips over your jeans, layer them over other skirts and dresses! Pink and GreenÉ the brighter the shade the better. Elf and Pixie-inspired hats--pompom trim everywhere! Legwarmers and armbands, fantastical faux fur, Argyle in crazy bright colorsÉ DIY EVERYTHING!"--Ali, from Frock

"Trench coats--belted, figure revealing, post-war etc. Flower prints for both men and women. Femininity, for both men and women."--Scott, from Holocene

"As for projections, I can guarantee Portlanders will continue to support small designers, both locally and internationally, and blend their own personal style with what we're seeing on the racks in stores. As retail expands and stores like Nordstrom follow closely behind boutiques, shoppers will seek out indie labels and experiment more with trends."--Kenny, from Lit

"Pierced Lee Press-On Nails. Hot! Hot! Hot!"--Steph, Nordstrom Display Designer

"The next general trend will be a predictable re-hashing of the '80s, which re-did the '60s, which re-did the '20s. So if you pick clothes from any of these decades you will probably be quite fashionable in 2004. As another general guideline--being aware of the backlash to the '70s-inspired hippie/damaged look--you'll do well to favor instead the uptight styles of the white collar crowd, donning suits, ties and hats."--Tatiana Sakurai, from Magpie

"Gauchos knickers from the '80's. With ankle socks."--Alison Walker, Private Consultant

"The look for boys: layered looks, like a button-up shirt with tie under a sweater vest, or a t-shirt and hoodie under a suit jacket w/lapel pins... think about the mix of business and pleasure and tight pants!"--Tatiana Sakurai, from Magpie

"Vinyl legwarmers! Vinyl legwarmers! VINYL LEGWARMERS!!!"-- Wm.™ Steven Humphrey, fan of vinyl legwarmers

"In 2004, the buzzword is 'crotchless.' The new fashion erogenous zone will move from the knee, cleavage, navel and lower back, to the genitals, which will be displayed continuously by all those in the know. Nobody who's anybody will dare be caught in public with their junk sheathed."--Daria O'Neill, The Buzz Afternoon Show, 105.1 fm

"The distressed, low-rise denim factory shit will finally come to an end. People will look to the Warholian 'Factory' scene for inspiration. Think Edie Sedgwick."--DJ Makeout

"For the girls: get a suit jacket, mini-skirt and hat NOW if you don't have them already. Then pile on the accessoriesÉ I'm talking shoulder-length earrings, long, flapper-style necklaces, sparkly pins, bracelets, you name it."-- Tatiana Sakurai, from Magpie

"In 2004, black people will come out with a clothing line primarily for white people who want to dress like black people. Then, in 2005, gay people will come out with a clothing line for black people."--Wm.™ Steven Humphrey, editor/columnist

"Guys will continue to dress up jeans with ties and blazers. I predict wingtips will overtake sneakers as the 'it' shoes for guys."--Sarah Shaoul

"Lingerie-type dresses will be big this summerÉ layers of soft and flowy fabrics combined with laces, satin and ruffles as well as the 'ultra-mini' skirt worn over cropped pants."--Keri Roberts, designer of Ipseity and owner of Dragonlily

"The '60s are making a big comeback with mod mini-dresses and knee highs, like in the TV show Get Smart."--Sarah Shaoul

"The 'Palm Tree' hairstyle. It's the pony tail that sticks out from the top of the head and pulls the eyebrows back."--Matt, Door Installer

"'80s fashion will inspire more and more designers, but with a new flare. (Not my endorsement, just a projection). Denim will be less 'worn' looking and have cleaner washes and cuts. Low, low-rise pants/jeans will begin to fade for the fashion forward. Military/cargo/etc will evolve and personalize itself with each shopper. Young skaters/snowboarders are growing up and oversized clothing is fading fast."--Kenny, from Lit

"Wearing two skirts at once. One hiked up really high, so you can just pull the other down for an instant new look."--

Kami, Dancer at Magic Gardens

"I never think anything in fashion is 'wrong.' I don't believe in the 'IN' and 'OUT' of style. Everyone creates their own take on fashion. That's what makes fashion so great. Personal style will always take the forefront. I say 'wear what you like.' You'll feel good, so you'll look good."--Kenny, from Lit

"Lots of color and color combinations, moving away from black, as well as lots of textureÉ ruching, ruffles and layer upon layer of fabrics."--Jasmine Patten, designer of Dervish and owner of Dragonlily