Preview: First Thursday
Art-viewing opportunities available this month are characteristically Portland-like--meaning they are many and varied. Yet, if one looks for a trend, it would appear that the installation art is still en vogue. The following list includes installation work that should not be missed, as well as a few other savory nuggets for consumption.

The savvy curators at Bullseye Connection Gallery once again bring a stellar exhibit to Portland art aficionados. This month, the display focuses on the work of British artist Galia Amsel. "Revelations" is a selection of glass forms constructed by way of a variety of processes, including kiln casting and glass blowing. The results are striking, bold, geometric forms, with special attention paid to the negative space or inner shapes of each sculpture. Amsel labels these areas as "revelations" meant "to lead your eye from one place to another to...invite exploration." 300 NW 13th, 227-0222. Through May 11th.

Off the beaten Pearl District path is a gallery worthy of attention. Under the watchful eye of director Marie Watt, the North View Gallery located at the Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College offers up an intriguing exhibit. "Under the Rainbow" is an installation by Rachel Hibbard that addresses weather and our interaction with it. The work combines an elaborate wood construction that mimics a tornado's funnel shape with a sound-scape created by Donovan Skirvin. Hibbard will give a lecture on Wed, Apr. 10 at 11:00 am 12000 SW 49th Ave, 977-8017. Through April 21.

The Art Gym at Marylhurst University is another venue that is set away from the well traversed, Portland art landscape, but the short drive yields great rewards. This month the gallery presents Margarita Leon and her installation entitled "Esperanza: A Necessary Condition." Esperanza is the Spanish word for hope, and as such, the title directs and reflects Leon's well-crafted and sublime installation, which stars a large cast of white, ceramic birds. (See image above) 17600 Pacific Hwy, 636-8141 or 241-4144. Opens April 9th and runs through May 17th.

Smart-as-a-whip curator Nan Curtis presents "The Sky Starts At Your Feet," an installation by Sarah Biemiller, which explores themes of air, breath, time, and memory. For part of the exhibit, Biemiller filled an area of the gallery space with 5000 hanging lengths of thread. "I am interested in filling a large space with virtually 'nothing,'" Biemiller explains. "Unlike Duchamp's well known piece '50cc Paris Air,' I would consider all of the things that are in that air, ranging from its age and weight, to mapping the movement and passage of this air and breath." Philip Feldman Gallery & Project Room, Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson, 226-4391. Through April 27.

The Elizabeth Leach Gallery provides the opportunity to investigate the work from one of the most renowned female artists of our time. On view is a selection of prints by Louise Bourgeois. Though she is known mostly for her sculptures, these prints reflect the 90-year-old artist's well established aesthetic. Also on view is a collection of small works on paper from the estate of abstract expressionist predecessor Hans Hoffman and "More Paint," a display of large, abstract paintings by Barbara Sternberger. 207 SW Pine, 224-0521. Through April 27th.