Integrating the cool pinks and powder blues of Ghost World, a whiff of romantic nostalgia, and stylish craft-based illustrations, Long Gone Holiday sets a local standard for bittersweet feminine melancholy and narrative illustration. Chinatown's funky new boutique/art gallery Motel displays their curatorial savvy by showing the thematically and stylistically related work of Rachell Sumpter, Saelee Oh, and Caroline Hwang, who attended the Art Center College of Design together in Pasadena. The work of these three young women hang together so successfully it's a surprise they haven't yet come up with some cute girly name and called themselves a collective.

Rachell Sumpter is the most traditional of the three, making intimate drawings in gouache, watercolor, and ink. The New Wave Series consists of nine postcard-sized linear drawings in dapper pinks, yellows, and blues. I didn't recognize any references to specific New Wave films, but the romantic/intellectual/disaffected atmosphere infuses her scenes of women lighting their cigarettes and men gazing up over their French volumes of Poe. Sumpter's delicate ink lines, and subtle attention to detail complement and subvert the "lightness" of her drawings.

Saelee Oh's installation of drawings liven the show up with a bright jumble of works on paper, hung salon-style in vintage thrift store frames. Deer and Girl, a stylized scene in acrylic on paper, shows a woman laying down, eyes open, in a tranquil forest. Behind her, a deer pauses, hoof poised, staring confrontationally at the viewer. Whether the woman is oblivious to the buck's presence or simply coy about his protectiveness is not betrayed by her downcast gaze.

Caroline Hwang employs elements of traditional feminine craft such as textiles, needlework, and stitchery as illustrative components. She creates a dizzy field of clashing fabrics, silkscreens her images on top, and decorates the scenes with embroidery and loopy flourishes of thread. In Sweet Smell of Fresh Rain, a woman reclines under a tree, Hwang's meandering stitches buzzing around her head like a wave of insects, pleasant dreams, or forest nymphs.

In keeping with the spirit of the Motel Gallery, the artists are also selling limited edition buttons, prints, zines and T-shirts. CHAS BOWIE

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