-For those about to rock, you should definitely move your caboose to Satyricon for the Murder City Devils show. Setting a new standard for punk excellence, these tattooed ne'er-do-wells vomit, set their equipment on fire, and hop on unsuspecting audience members with frightening regularity. Insider's Tip: Wear rain gear. WSH

Satyricon, 125 NW Sixth, 243-2380, doors open at 9:30 pm, $8

-What? You don't want to see another bald punk rocker in an interpretive performance art piece about her mother? This Thursday, choose Sàlongo Lee, nationally known artist from Oakland, who will present paintings on photographic paper that explore engaging, seductive images of performance art. KD

Matrix/Our Dream Gallery, 2209 NE Alberta St, 6-9 pm, 288-3024

FRIDAY, June 30

'--Rest easy: Though lacking last year's dipsomaniacal R.L. Burnside and the hand-me-down legend Jimmie Vaughan, the Waterfront Blues Festival has Dr. John as this year's resident crowd-pleaser, met by plenty of lesser-known goodies like Duffy Bishop. BG

Waterfront Park, Fri 10 pm, Sat-Tues, noon-10 pm. $3-$5 a day plus two cans of food.


PIPFEST--If you only see one theater performance this year, see the Gala Opening Benefit of PIPFest 2000, where twelve Portland all-stars will take turns performing 10-minute acts. Linda Johnson, Obo Addy, and Vertigo Theater--among others--will kick off this month-long festival of Portland's finest actors, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, and performance artists. KD

Lincoln Performance Hall, 1620 SW Park, 725-3307, 8 pm, $21

YEE-HAW--Rip-snorting cowboys and bareback cowgirls. Try to ride either for eight seconds and you're certain to get a swift kick to the head. The 65th Annual St. Paul Rodeo starts tonight with PETA's favorites--bull riding and calf roping. PB

St. Paul Grandstands, Woodburn Exit off I-5, 220-0901, Sat -- Tues, 7:30 pm, tickets start at $10

SUNDAY, July 2

--After the Distance Formula Travelling Cinema (see review p 15) returns from his romp with NYC's Knitting Factory and several well-known art museums, venues will be able to charge more than six bucks to see him. Go now, before you are tainted (and buy a CD before they put it in the Smithsonian). JS

Distance Formula CD Release, Lola's in the Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W. Burnside, 8:30 pm, $6

MONDAY, July 3

TACOS & STRIPPERS--Two great tastes that go great together! Nothing says "America: RAH! RAH! RAH!" like an evening at Mary's Club eating delicious and authentic Mexican fare, and watching sexy butt-nekkid ladies shaking their cans. If this is what our forefathers fought for, then thank you Thomas Jefferson! WSH

Mary's Club, 129 SW Broadway, 227-3023


FIREWORKS--Upstream from the city-sponsored Waterfront Park display, Oaks Park puts on their yankee doodle dandy show of fireworks. Oaks Park keeps running a long-standing rivalry, pledging this year to out-do that other show with more firepower. Roller coasters and other rides stay open 'til midnight. PB

Oaks Park, east side of the Sellwood Bridge, fireworks begin at 10 pm, one dollar buys a ten ride ticket

--Nothing says independence like a steaming bowl of chunky chili. Showcase your favorite recipe at the chili cook-off, and rock your gassy ass with Jonny X and the Groadies, Thrones, Welcome to My Skirt, and Unsounds! WSH

Robot Steakhouse, 7 pm, call 288-6857 for location and price


CD RELEASE--31 Knots, our boys with their heads in overdrive and the prettiest oscillating time signatures this side of Chicago, unleash Climax/Anti-Climax upon the world tonight, their first CD, and the beginning of a truly exciting time in Portland music history. JS

EJ's, 2140 NE Sandy, 234-3535

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