--New paintings by David Venezky are mischievously titled Art that Sells. Is this savvy marketing or is the art actualy good? You decide. KE

Atwood Primitive, 205 SW Pine, 226-1222, Through July 31, Free



FILM--Deviously dark and hilariously morbid, Blood Simple is a cleverly skewed murder mystery (written by Joel and Ethan Coen) where the audience is let in on everything while the characters stumble around searching for the truth.WSH

Cinema 21, 616 NW 21st, 223-4515, see movie listings for times, $6

AIRSHOW--It's aerial acrobatics! Ace-pilots maneuver F-18 Hornets at speeds of 1000 mph, nearly touch wings, tumble, spin and roll through the skies of Oregon this weekend. Yes, the rock stars of the Navy, the Blue Angels, make their only appearance in the state at the Rose Festival Airshow. PB

Hillsboro Airport, shows run Friday-- Sunday, daily from 11 am--4 pm, tickets start at $10

--Tonight's PNW super bill is sure to summon the hipsters from their wet-bar thrones, but homeboys Death Cab for Cutie, No. 2, and Gardener will rock it like you never left your couch. I recommend wearing pajamas. JS

Cobalt Lounge, 32 NW 3rd, 225-1003


FILM--Portland's weirdest film collector, Dennis Nybeck, manager of Clinton Street Theater, will play a night of hisweirdest films outdoors. (Yikes--exponential weirdness). Part of the Cacophony Weekend, a debauchary fest witha background of wacked-out, surprise films. KD

Corner of 10th and SE Division, 7:30, Free

-- Pay homage to quirky Robyn Hitchcock with some of Portland's best songwriters, and view some of his road cone/Sharpie pen art while you're there. JS

Rabbit Hole/Mad Hatter Lounge, 203 SE Grand, 231-2925, 9:30 pm


PLAY--It is difficult to actually say what you will see, as The Glowing Pumpkin Incident is a work in progress. At the end of this both spooky and humorous play, audience members are invited to provide criticism and suggestions (see review, page 24). PB

Stark Raving Theatre, 3430 SE Belmont, 232-7072, through August 6, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, $10


ALLIGATOR ROAST--Yeeee-HAW! Thar ain't nuthin' I like better than eatin' me some farm-bred Louisiana gator! And Caswell is serving it up for free at this party for "bartenders and their friends" (that means you, right?). After fillin' your belly with gator meat, the party continues with karaoke at the Grand Cafè right down the street! WSH

Caswell, 533 SE Grand, 7-9 pm, 232-6512, gator is free.


NAKEDNESS--Finally, a contest honoring Portland's most popular cultural activity: Stripping. Attend tonight's Strip-Off and see who should really be crowned Queen of Rose City. JS
Berbati's, 10 SW 3rd, 248-4579


BEAN ART--You know...our office walls are really bare. Would you mind making us a picture of a rooster made out of colored beans? Or maybe a llama? If we really like it, we'll put it on our office walls and maybe we'll put a photo of it in the paper. Maybe. We really need a picture of a rooster made out of colored beans. WSH

Picture of a rooster made out of colored beans, By you, Free (for us)


READING--At last! A novel that is both trashy and intellectually engaging; glitzy superdyke Michelle Tea reads from her semi-true novel that describes prostitution, love, and hope in San Francisco; Valencia is true blue philosophy masquerading as soap opera...or vice versa? (see review, p 25) KD

Powell's on Hawthorne, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 7:30, Free



DEATHBOARD 2000--Got a need for speed? Then join Daddie's Board Shop (5824 NE Sandy) and friends as they skateboard down Mt. Tabor. Park at Salmon and SE 60th, and hike up the hill to the service road, where longboarders are blasting down the hill at speeds up to 30 mph! Every Wednesday! WSH

Longboarding at Mt. Tabor, 7 pm, for more info call 281-5123, Free