Thursday, Jan 4

MUSIC--Put away your stinkin' scrapbooks and boring Portland nostalgia circa 1992 to see three of the most energetic, important musical scenemakers in town: the wildly grooving Cosmos Group, emotionally rocking Made for TV Movie, and passion queens Heart Beats Red. They're not on Sub Pop or anything, but whatever--they're happening now! JS
Medicine Hat Gallery, 1834 NE Alberta, 778-7700, 9 pm

READING--From porn stars to the Pope, Gary Lee Boas has taken photos on the sidewalks of New York of the hundreds people he considers celebrities. Somewhere between stalker and professional historian, Boas has spent decades putting together his book, Starstruck, a tantalizing and disturbing photo album. Photos on display through January. PB
Powell's, 1005 W Burnside, 228-4651, 6:30 pm, free

Friday, Jan 5

MUSIC--The whispers fly like rogues in the night: "Have you seen Emergency?" As legend goes, they only play basements and Reed shows. But they've got a theme song: "Wooo-wooo-wooo!" They are elusive--one of those rare Portland institutions that you hear about but hardly get to experience. Here's your chance. JS
Portland Robot Steakhouse, PDXROBOTSTEAKHOUSE@SPACe, 288-6857, 7 pm sharp, $5

SLIDE SHOW--And the voices rang throughout the land, "O! Beau Van Hinklywinkle! What will you do next?" And the answer is thus: Hie thee to Stumptown Coffee where Mr. Hinklywinkle will both thrill and amaze with his found-object slide show. Tonight's diversion: Two presentations including Mod Fashion in the '90s and The JFK Assassination Story. Informative? Yes! Hilarious? Bring Band-Aids in case your sides decide to split! WSH
Stumptown Coffee, 4525 SE Division, 230-7797, 9pm, $5

Saturday, Jan 6

MUSIC--Listen. Everyone knows that you still have and listen to all your Cure CDs. Now there's a way to be goth-a-riffic and not be a total dork! The Prids--not only are they goth music that's not stuck in the last decade, but they're fucking good musicians. Heavy beats, heavy makeup, lots of smoke, elegant composure on stage... It's your full-body, death-by-music-fantasy. KD
Satyricon, 125 NW 6th Ave, 243-2380

Sunday, Jan 7

FILM--If you aren't a record-collecting geek, then you either know or maybe even love one. Bearing this in mind, a good way to come to terms with this debilitating addiction is by seeing Vinyl, a new documentary by Canuck filmmaker Alan Zweig. Discophiles of every breed and level of fanaticism are featured, and viewing their plight will surely help you through step one: admitting you have a problem. WSH
Northwest Film Center, Guild Theatre, SW 9th & Taylor, 221-1156, 7 pm, $6.50

Monday, Jan 8

ART--Haven't heard of Dos Mil yet? It's only Portland's hippest, most punk rock new gallery, fully stocked with street artists and cool underground art. See their latest exhibit, Das Milch Das Schmekt. The exhibit features paintings by OSU grad Dan Ness, whose work smacks of sign advertisement and screen printing. KD
Dos Mil Gallery, 820 N Russell St, 493-9424, Call for appointments

Tuesday, Jan 9

W.T. RECREATION--If you can't get Marlboro to sponsor your trip to Indianapolis, go-karting is the next best substitute for burning rubber. Leave your high-brow pride at home, rev your engine and take a few screaming laps at Vancouver's indoor track. PB
Hot Track Indoor Go-Karting, 14010 NE 3rd Court, Vancouver, 877-722-3968, 4-11 pm, $16/person

Wednesday, Jan 10

TELEVISION--For those looking for the perfect night of television, your wishes have been answered! Watch Titans on NBC at 8 pm, West Wing at 9, and then switch over to the good ol' WB for the capper in this holy trinity, the triumphant return of Jack & Jill. Not as trashy as Titans, not as heady as West Wing, Jack & Jill slides right through the middle with soap opera plots, snappy repartee and hotsy-totsy bodies! Yum! I'd do 'em all! WSH
Jack & Jill, The WB, 10 pm, free