HIPHOP--If you haven't noticed, the Tonic is actually digging a nice little niche for itself as purveyors of the hiphop arts. And to prove it, check tonight's performance by DJ/producer Mr. Len. Hailing from the NYC underground clique Company Flow, Len lays down dark gritty beats punctuated by street sounds, found conversations, and an ever pervading sense of doom. And you'll nod your head to every inch of it. WSH

w/ Mr. Complex, L-Fudge, Steady Roc and Kice
; Tonic Lounge, 3100 NE Sandy, 239-5154, 9 pm, $8

SOUND--Who doesn't like the sound of sound? Musician and composer Jesse Engum presents a melodic/musical and textural piece compiled from field recordings and his own compositions, as well as a cacophony of recorded voices in different languages. Odd, but interesting, and hey, free. KS

Pioneer Place Atrium, SW Morrison & 5th, 11 am-7 pm


INDYMEDIA + HIPHOP--Interested in the local hiphop scene? Distrustful of mega-manipulative mainstream media? This night brings Hungry Mob, The Chosen, Quivah, Blak Scienz Tribe and more to benefit the alternative media source, Indymedia. See, you can be smart and fun. MS

PSU Smith Center Ballroom, 1620 SW Park, 725-8777, 6 pm, $8, all ages

BICYCLES--Do you just love your bicycle? I mean, really love it. Like, enough to marry it? Tonight is the kick-off planning meeting for a month-long event coming to Portland this August, Bikesummer 2002. Organizers want suggestions; they want to be shocked, titillated and horrified by your craziest two-wheeled concept. Ballet on bikes? Bicycle gladiators? PB

Lucky Lab, 915 SE Hawthorne, 6 pm, for more info call 284-4023

DJ MUSIC--DJ Greyboy's jazzy, mellow hiphop is perfect for the swanky setting of Stephano's, a new club with a dress code. Also appearing is DJ contest champion DJ Juggernaut. So take it up a notch tonight. Maybe wear a tie. MS

Stephano's Shadow Room, 1135 SW Washington, 243-2181, 10 pm, $5


RAWK--If you like garage, then get yer motor runnin' for The Nerves. This amped-up threesome plays scrappy-ass garage punk as if their goddamned pants were on fire, and someone was squirting them with gasoline. Plus! You'll also get serious third-degree burns from Deadly Snakes, Electric Eye, and the gorgeous Stones stylings of the Catheters, who freaking rock, man. I tell you they FREAKING RAWK!!! WSH

Satyricon, 125 NW 6th, 243-2380, 9 pm, $8

V4V--A mathcore duo with great drumming and silky vocals, Providence, RI's V for Vendetta prove that you don't need a bassist for great rhythms. Not that there's anything wrong with bassists, of course, unless they're assholes. Plus, the awesome Thrones will be there! JS

w/ The Intima, 31knots; Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 230-2111, 9 pm, $6, all ages


SKATING--Initially, I was a whining cryer about going rollerskating. You know, "I can't skate backwards, I'm not going to look cool, I don't have my own skates." Typical stuff like that. Then, after a quick four week training program, I realized how to achieve Zen through skating and my feelings completely changed. The trick is, just go slow, stare straight ahead, and repeat, "I have amnesia." It's more effective than yoga. KS

Oaks Park, Foot of SE Spokane, 236-5722, 1-5 pm, 7-10:30 pm, $5


ABSTRACTIONS--Portland's superstars of the abstract, improvisation, and general, all-around googly eyes, Jackie-O Motherfucker, will soon be heading down to Los Angeles to play the Sonic Youth-curated festival, All Tomorrow's Parties. Give them a big hurrah send-off tonight by improv dancing! JS

Berbati's Pan, 231 SW Ankeny, 9 pm, $5


VAUDEVILLE--Ever wish you were born in a different era? Well, too bad. But you can still enjoy a 21st Century reinterpretation of vaudeville (i.e. comedians, NOT minstrels). We're talking sword-swallowing, strip-teasing, fire-juggling, stand-up, belly dancing, and trapeze artists. If you're bored, you need a whack on the head. MS

Dante's, 1 SW 3rd, 226-6630, 9 pm, $3


PUNK ROCK AEROBICS--A new fad taking the East Coast by storm is Punk Rock Aerobics, in which people work out with bricks instead of weights to songs played by J Mascis instead of C + C Music Factory. But who needs that when we've got Le Tigre, the punk feminista revolutionaries are dancing us into the future? And who the hell is C + C, anyway? My aerobics are fueled by the feminist sweepstakes, mothafucka! JS

w/Chicks on Speed, Tami "Ms. Wonderful" Hart; Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 224-4400, $12-14, all ages

DANCE & DRILL--With about fifteen miles of smeared-on lipstick, three tons of glitter, and an infinite dose of manic cheeriness, Oregon's best teenybopper dance and drill squads compete for the state title today and through the weekend. Come see the future generation of Blazer Girls. PB

Rose Quarter, 1 Winning Way, 797-9619, starts at 5:30 pm, Wed-Sat, $10