THURSDAY, October 30

MUSIC--If you haven't caught up with indie darlings Beulah lately, here's the update! The power pop sextet is currently on tour promoting their newest release, Yoko, which may be the group's best work to date. Gritty and introspective, Beulah is currently at the peak of their powers (which means it's a bad night to stay home and watch Scrubs). WSH w/John Vanderslice, The Silents; Dante's, 1 SW 3rd, 226-6630, 9 pm, $10 advance, $12 door

FRIDAY, October 31

MUSIC--Guys, like hot girls in tight clothes? Girls, like guys staring at you in your tight clothes? Head to Level, where there's not only a lot of bare skin, but an assload of DJs spinning hip-hop, house, you name it. It's like friggin' Mardi Gras. KS
Attack Of The Killer DJs w/James Capricorn, Rico, Drue, Tasty, bluchris, RNA, Won D'Funk, Powers; Level, 13 NW 6th, 228-8888, 9 pm, $8

MUSIC--In-store performances are dumb, dude. A band has to be the greatest, must-see-band-of-the-year to warrant muscling your way past the kids and suckers to see them. But lucky for you, The Shins are that band. And they aren't playing a "real show," anyway, so go see them for free. MB
Music Millennium, 801 NW 23rd, 248-0163, 6 pm, free

SATURDAY, November 1

BLAZER HIPHOP BASH--Kick off the Blazers' new season Zach Randolph-style with this hiphop bash featuring members of the Blazers and Cavs, plus a CD release party for Bosko's Next Files (the bangin' new project featuring DMX, E-40, Bubba Sparxx, and more)! Don't miss this all-star blow-up! WSH
w/Bosko, Cool Nutz, Maniac Lok, more
Berbati's, 231 SW Ankeny, 248-4579, 9 pm, $10-15

MUSIC--There's a lot of weird, spacey electro-pop floating around out there in Musicland, but few do it with as much skill and innovation as England's Broadcast. Their last Portland show was packed to the rafters; expect this one to be as well. Their ability to experiment and still please the ear has resulted in a fanatical following. JWS w/Electrelane, Hawk and a Hacksaw
Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Powell, 233-1994, 8 pm, $15

SUNDAY, November 2

HIPHOP--Who knew there was home-grown hiphop on Sunday? Well, obviously I did because I'm writing this blurb about it. See emcee Libretto, part of the Misfit Massive Crew that includes Lifesavas, plus enjoy the spinsations of DJ Papercuts and Sneakers. KS
Ash Street, 225 SW Ash, 226-0430, 9 pm

FAT GIRLS--Got junk in the trunk? Pile it up, and bring it down to the FatGirl Frock Swap, where you can get one free item of clothing for every three that you donate, including new duds from Big Boxers of Brooklyn and Alight.Com. Plus all the beautiful britches of your plus-sized compatriots! MS
Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, 239-5900, 10 am-5 pm, free

DIRTY 30--DJ Safi, one of Portland's many fine turntablists, is turning 30, but you can still trust her to recruit all the badasses to spin at her party. Strategy, Broken Window, The Incredible Kid, Anjali, and the perfectly named Titwind are just some of the notables. Dance, fucker, dance! MS
Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 239-7639, 2-9 pm, free

MONDAY, November 3

TUNES--The one and only time I ever saw Phil Elvrum play, he told the drooling crowd he was going to play a bunch of new songs... that he had written the night before. I'm pretty sure he was serious, too. Musical ideas seem to pour out of his brilliant mind like water. Formerly the Microphones, tonight he plays under the moniker Mount Eerie. He may or may not have other musicians with him; either way, he's a treat to see live. JWS
w/The Mools, Nikaidoh Kazumi; Fourteen, 14 NW 3rd, 9 pm, $6

TUESDAY, November 4

SCARY FILMS--Hollywood has done its best to convince young men that the military is a surefire way to score chicks and increase your penis size. But the military has also done its own share of film producing. Catch a glimpse into the military's propagandic mini-Hollywood at Hearts, Minds, and Body Parts. Films include "Trip to Nowhere" (LSD scare film), "Ship of Shame," (VD morality tale) and the unbelievably bloody "Army Medicine." PB
Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, 7 pm, $6

HARDCORE--Thrash, metal, hardcore, garage, assault, insane; all these are words used to describe New York's Panthers. By then end of the evening, hopefully the words "in my bed" will be used to describe them as well. KS
Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, 335-6979, 9 pm

WEDNESDAY, November 5

MUSICAL--When Bat Boy was pulled from a West Virginia cave, who could have guessed that the half-human, half-flying rat creature would have such a lovely voice? One to rival Pavarotti. Championed by tabloid papers, Bat Boy's heartbreaking story has been well chronicled, but it has never been sung so lovely as in Bat Boy: The Musical. Hilarious! Touching! PB
Portland Center Stage, 1111 SW Broadway, 274-6588, 7 pm, $16-51