THURSDAY, November 20

WINE & BONDAGE--Tell you what, I don't trust a person who participates in spanking and bondage without having a little drinky. Flesh Playhouse at Crush, however, is entirely trustworthy. Sample Kendall Jackson wines served to you by sexy bo-hunks in bondage gear, take a trip to the spanking booth, and don't forget to sample Crush's fabulous food. KS
Crush, 1412 SE Morrison, 235-8150, 6-11 pm, you pay for drinks

WARP TOUR--Luke Vibert places the squelch within electro's downtempo, ultrafunky context, marinates his neck-snapping rhythms in a season's worth of Star Trek sound FX and tributes to Louis and Bebe Barron's bleepy Forbidden Planet soundtrack, with enough loopy vocal and EZ-listening samples to double you over with glee. With Plaid's perennial lush techno. DS
Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 239-7639, 9:30 pm, $12

FRIDAY, November 21

MUSIC--Searching for the latest thing? Look no further than the Vells. They've made quite an impression on unsuspecting audiences in their hometown of Seattle. With Jeremiah of Modest Mouse on drums and members of Firechild and the Blessed Light also figuring in the band, it's easy to see why the Vells are quickly becoming a local favorite. KW
Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, 239-5900, 8 pm, $6

HIPHOP--I've been to good hiphop shows and I've been to painful hiphop shows, but certainly one of the most remarkable hiphop shows I've ever seen was headlined by Lyrics Born. This guy spits rhymes with such casual ease he might as well be sitting in a recliner, while you're dancing your ass off. Lyrics Born's got the gift. Don't miss it in action. KS
Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 224-8499, 8:30 pm, $14-16

SATURDAY, November 22

SNOWFLICKS--Is the cold weather whetting your whistle for snow sports? Then you'll absolutely drool during Pray for Snow--an evening of snowboard movies and heavy metal mayhem from bands such as Subside, Server X, Dear Whoever, Erotic Politicians, and Second Nature. Plus, prizes including a Palmer snowboard with Technine bindings, lift tickets, and more! WSH
Paris Theater, 6 SW 3rd Ave, 224-8313, 7:30 pm, $7, All ages

CHILLIN VILLAIN EMPIRE--As the L.A. underground goes, the Afterlife Crew and affiliates hold it down as tight as anyone. CVE (Chillin Villain Empire) influenced everyone from Jurassic 5 to Busdriver, kicked it with Abstract Rude and Aceyalone. Come see them melt the mic nice. JS
Ash Street, 225 SW Ash, 226-0430, 9:30 pm, PRICE

GUNS--Sometimes all the chocolate and 19-year-old guys in the world can't put a woman at ease. So try handguns! The NRA is hosting Women On Target, where they will teach you how to be a regular Annie Oakley. You don't even have to kill anything, and anyways, there's no boys allowed! MS
Johnson Creek Gun Club, 7200 SE Lamphier, 231-3761 to register, 1 pm, $25

SUNDAY, November 23

BINGO--You could probably convince people to do all sorts of marginally fun activities simply by relocating them to a bar. But bingo nights, man. That's what makes America beautiful, along with gay people. Tonight, let's do both. MS
Boxxes, 1035 SW Stark, 226-4171, 9 pm, free

MONDAY, November 24

DOCUMENTARY--One of skateboard's first luminaries, Gator was fearless and seemingly exempt from gravity. But as the sport moved forward, incorporating new moves and styles, it left Gator stranded. Stoked! tells his bizarre and painful story. Compared to Dogtown's sunshine approach to skateboarding culture, this remarkable documentary gives vision to what is lurking in the sport's shadows. PB
Cinema 21, 616 NW 21st Ave, 223-4515, 8:45 pm, $7

TUESDAY, November 25

POETICS--You probably know him best from the movie Slam, in which he dropped your jaw with his boom bamma slamma jamma. But Saul Williams is a jack of many trades, including hiphop musicianship. Tonight he turns his attention to songwriting, fusing his amazing lyrical skills with a kickass six-piece back-up band. JWS
Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Powell, 233-1994, 8 pm, $15

WAKE UP CALL--Hey Americans! Pull your heads out of your asses and start usin' 'em! Social critic Curtis White wants you to THINK, damn you, think! And he's going to tell you how in his new book The Middle Mind: Why Americans Don't Think for Themselves. If, of course, you can keep your brain focused for that long. JWS
Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside, 7:30 pm

WEDNESDAY, November 26

ROBOSUMO NIGHT--Far more productive than Robo-tussin, Toast & Jam duo Ainu throw down superb live electro jams with the heft of a wrestler, the precision of a samurai, and the prescience of dudes who just know you wanna dance. JS
w/Yard, ML, Decapod Claw; Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 239-7639, 9:30 pm, $3

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