MUSIC--While the media shits themselves over the release of Green Day's pop-punk opera American Idiot, everyone I know born in the 1980s stands with arms crossed and eyes mid-roll--of course Green Day are awesome. With the exception of that Warning record, they never stopped being awesome. And if you're too cool to admit it, you owe your teenage self an apology. ZP
Rose Garden, 1401 N Wheeler, 7 pm, $35

HIPHOP--Seattle's Blue Scholars are fast making a name for themselves in that city's hiphop landscape--with MC Geologic and DJ/Producer Sabzi breeding what they rightly call a "potent MC-DJ connection." Geologic's intricate rhymes serve as a perfect parallel to Sabzi's multifaceted, funked-up production--pushing the duo in line to becoming one of the region's most promising hiphop authorities. ZP
Meow Meow, 320 SE 2nd Ave, 9 pm, $6


MOVIE, MUSIC, BEER--Local roller derby revivalists the Rose City Rollers are making their presence known by hosting a raucous benefit show, complete with PBR, DJ music, and a screening of the 1970s B-movie Unholy Rollers. The film encourages young people to quit their stupid jobs and join the roller derby--a sentiment you might be subscribing to after all the insane fun you have tonight. KS
Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, 9 pm, $6

ELLEN ALLIEN--Barring any fusses at the border, the electro lovin' peoples of Portland will enjoy a wicked excuse to dress up and get down tonight. Catch Ellen Allien now before she skeedaddles back to Europe, after bustin' your ass all over the dancefloor. MS
Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 9 pm, $8


FISTICUFFS--Watch the toughest of the tough battle it out in the ring at the Grand Avenue Boxing Gym's Annual Thanksgiving Show! Only the best in local fighters will be participating, and it's a great and rare opportunity to see the different clubs in town go head to head. Get yer dukes up and let's get ready to rumble! WSH
Milwaukie Elks Lodge, 13121 SE McLoughlin Blvd., bell rings at 7:30 pm, $10 general admission, $20 ringside

MUSIC--Pinback's third full length, Summer in Abaddon, is more of the same from this San Diego band. Normally this might be a problem if "the same" wasn't the sweet melancholy of the bouncing vocals that is just so distinctly Pinback. Plus get downright ecstatic with the news that Pinback's other half, Rob Crow, has a side project called Goblin Cock. It just rolls off the tongue. Goblin Cock!! Goblin Cock!!!! EAC
Bossanova, 722 E Burnside, 9 pm, $14, All Ages


DYKES--You can't keep a good woman down in this town, and to prove it we've added another dancey dyke night to our collection. Called Snatch: A Dyke Knight, it features the DJ skills of Beyonda, Teenage (wait, he's not a dyke!), and ABC. MS
Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside, 6-11 pm, $5

ASS-KICKING--Rare and classic kung-fu, samurai, and yakuza flicks make up the Grindhouse Film Festival ! These movies kick so much ass that your ass will be sore from watching them! Today you can see Five Fingers of Death, Invincible Pole Fighter, Master of the Flying Guillotine, or 36th Chamber of Shaolin! Or you could catch all of themÉ if you think your pansy ass can handle it! EH
The Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, 493-1128. See Film Times for complete schedule, or hit for more info


QUALITY MOVIE--In the rubber-burning genre of road race films, Death Race 2000 revs to the front of the pack. Better than any macabre drivers' ed film, David Carradine, Sylvester Stallone, and other '70s stars race cross-country, scoring points for hitting pedestrians, wheelchair bound senior citizens, and jackrabbits. PB
Clinton St. Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 7 & 9 pm, $6


AVRIL LAVIGNE--For those of you who are quick to pooh-pooh tonight's Avril Lavigne concert at the Rose GardenÉ well, pooh-pooh YOU! This is going to be an awesome fun time, not only because of Avril's poppy teen-punk antics, but for the screamy poppy teen-punk crowd as well! And you can bet your sweet ass Avril won't be lip-synching! WSH
Rose Garden, 1401 N Wheeler,, 7:30 pm, $38.30 & $44


MUSIC--If I were to make a list of my top 20 favorite songs of all time, I can all but guarantee at least two spots reserved for lo-fi curmudgeon Bill Callahan, the man behind the inexplicably punctuated recording project (smog). (smog) isn't touring in support of a new release or anything, so with any luck, Callahan will be gracious enough indulge us mopey lot with his catalog of the most depressing songs ever written. ZP
Meow Meow, 320 SE 2nd Ave, 9 pm, $12

HOCKEY--He's only a baby (18 years old)! But don't tease Winter Hawks #32 about it. He'll kick your ass! A playmaker, Kyle Bailey seems to be everywhere at once on the ice. This year's team is young and quick and wins as many games as they do fights (about half). A great pre-Thanksgiving treat! PB
Rose Garden, 7 pm, $10-$23.75

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