MUSIC--Like every other band in the world right now, Les Georges Leningrad hail from the linguistically absurd streets of Montreal--but this shit ain't your dour indierock. LGL teeter precariously 'tween smash-and-trash no-wave and low-falutin', impenetrable performance art. But don't let that scare you--they are playing with the Gossip and Glass Candy, after all. ZP
Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, 7:30 pm, $10, all ages

MUSIC--It must get mega-annoying having every single goddamn blurb written about you say exactly the same thing. Take Viva Voce, for example. I bet they've never seen their name in print not show up in the same sentence as "married" or "husband and wife." Wouldn't it be as easy just to write about how good their latest, The Heat Can Melt Your Brain, is? Wouldn't it? ZP
w/Modernstate, Nik Freitas and the Head Goats; Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 9 pm, $8


'ANGSTA RAP--Everybody knows that the emotionally and politically charged Sage Francis is one of the best lyricists in hiphop today, right? Right. So it kind of goes without saying that if you miss out on hearing the introspective Francis spin his visceral, claustrophobic rhymes live, you'll be sorry--real sorry. Right? Right. EH
Roseland, 8 NW 6th, 9 pm, $16

MOTOCROSS--Until you've seen a grown man somersault on a motorcycle, you haven't truly lived! Now's your Evel Knievel chance. Jumping, racing and defying gravity, freestyle motocross will leave you asking: "Holy crap! How did they do that? And why?" PB
Memorial Coliseum, 8 pm, $20-$25

SMURFY!--This week's Mercury Prozac Film Fest presentation of The Smurfs and the Magic Flute is intended for you to get high and enjoy a Saturday morning-style marijuana freakout. And don't worry! There will be plenty of booze and heckling on hand to sooth the savage buzz of seeing all those blue midgets hopping around all over the place. WSH
Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 10 pm, $6


MIYAZAKI!--One of the first films from anime legend Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) is 1984's painfully named (but beautiful-looking) Nausicaรค of the Valley of the Wind. Miyazaki's stunning style, stories, and themes are best appreciated on the big screen--so here's your chance, courtesy of the Portland International Film Festival. EH
Broadway Metro Theater, SW Broadway at Main, Fri 9 pm, Sat noon, $8

ART STREET--In Portland, our art street is Alberta, or so argue the creators of Incognito, a celebratory event that aims to prove that notion with a hearty confluence of music, dance, fashion (featuring Frock, Retrospect, and more), a silent auction, and a black and white masquerade ball (formal attire and masks please). All proceeds go to the nonprofit Art on Alberta. MS
w/March Fourth, Rustica, DJ Nomadic Noize, more; Scarlett Ballroom, 700 NE Dekum, 7 pm - 4 am, $7-9


OSCAR PARTIES--Lights! Camera! PARTY!! All around town, red carpets are rolling out. Will that suckass DiCaprio win? Or the kickass Hilary Swank? With big screen TVs, Joan Rivers impersonators and a movie quote contest (with plush prizes), Red Star is playing the night up to the nines. Or hit romantic Colosso for a more mellow groove with kooky film shorts, DJS, and more prizes. Don't forget to dress up! JWS
Red Star, 503 SW Alder, 5 pm; Colosso, 1932 NE Broadway, 10 pm

DEBAUCHERY--Join the homo-electro-sexual madness at the Doug Fir's Big Jack! Off (the final installment in the delicately titled series Jack! Queer as Fuck) with a night of performances by the drag troupe Sissyboys, plus the crazy-cool dance music of Scream Club, plus the electro-minimalism and song singing of Romanteek! KS
Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 7 pm, $5


ROCK--Beloved Fugazi legend Ian Mackaye brings his latest project, the Evens, to town. True to form, the show is a cheapo deal. But as a duo with ex-The Warmers drummer Amy Farina, it may be a little more subdued than we've known him to be in the past. MS
w/Calvin Johnson; Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, 8 pm, $5


MODERN CINEMA--Portlanders flock to short film fests like junkies to heroin, which will explain your attendance at tonight's Free Form Film Fest, an endlessly touring exhibition of experimental and outsider films. Feature film: The American Astronaut, a so-called "musical space western"! Plus! Local musical talent Tom Heinl! JWS
The Know, 2026 NE Alberta,, 9 pm, $5


MUSIC AND FOOD--If you haven't checked out the new, hip restaurant Masu, it's probably because you're not wealthy enough to eat there--but now, you are. Evenings after 10 they serve up a cheap menu of sushi and other delights, plus $2 Sapporo pints on tap, plus the banging turntabilism of DJ Sars. It's like Saturday night on Wednesday. KS
Masu, 406 SW 13th, 10 pm, free