Power Pointillism 2
June 30th and July 1st, show time at 7:15 pm
US Bank meeting room at the Central Library, 801 SW 10th Avenue

Geeky hipsters, unite! It's time for the new, improved sequel to Power Pointillism, the coolest art event held in a Portland library last year. Some of you may remember Andrew Dickson and Amos Latteier's pair of Power Point presentations at the downtown library. Latteier showed us his experiments in strapping tiny cameras to pigeons, and Dickson turned up as Bradlee Simmons, a California emigrant who was disappointed to realize that the Columbia Gorge wasn't his personal "secret place" to get away to, and who founded a support group to combat hostilities toward new Oregonians.

Next Wednesday and Thursday, Dickson and Latteier take over the US Bank meeting room at the library again, and this time they're bringing along Mike Wilder, one of the most fascinating lecturers in town. I once saw Wilder give a slideshow about the obsessive subculture known as bio-collecting, in which people hone in on a particular sub-species of goldfish or carnivorous plant, for instance, and become experts in the field, while turning their living rooms into shrines to the Venus fly trap. Toward the end of the lecture, I remember a slide of a stockinged foot with a load of man jizz on it, which Wilder amazingly tied in to the principle subject at hand.

Amos Latteier's presentation is going to take a look at the microcosm of the ant world. Latteier has a gift for analyzing and breaking down abstract systems, so ant colonies and social structures will likely be presented in comparison to the organizational and social habits of human beings. Lastly, Andrew Dickson--if he can get serious for a moment, which I doubt--will give a presentation about his search for the Humongous Fungus, an underground mushroom the size of 1600 football fields in Eastern Oregon. Before the recent discovery of Oregon's humongous fungus, Michigan prided themselves on their record-holding mushroom, and I get the sense that Dickson is looking to rub their face in our gigantic mold. As one of the most naturally comedic performers I've ever seen, my hunch is that Dickson's videotaped hunt for the massive underground 'shroom may steal the show at this educational entertainment extravaganza. CHAS BOWIE

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