What is the Red 76 Collective?

"It's a means to get artists--photographers, performers, architects--to show their work when there isn't any other place to do it."

How are you at interviews?

"I'm horrible at interviews."

Why Red 76 Collective?

"The pretentious answer is '76 being the year of our revolution and 'red' symbolizing the blood of our fallen forefathers, which really is a crock of shit, because it's just that everyone I know was born in '76 and 'Red 76' just sounds cool.

The Laboratory just got shut down; where will you move your shows?

"Our First Thursday show, and then all the shows through July, are going to be over at Martial Arts. By September, it looks like we will have our own space--for theater, music, spoken word--and we'll have a cafè and bar that'll be open all the time. It looks like it might be over in Southeast, right across the Morrison Bridge."

Do you believe in niches? And if so what sort of niche does Red 76 Collective fill?

"I prefer not to be in a niche; I think it hinders you. I'd rather burrow under the niche."

Kinda like The Great Escape?

"I strive to be Steve McQueen in my daily life as much as I can."