NW Couch between 5th and 6th, 222-6699 (

A gallery and store that carries many independent accessory and jewelry designers. Lines include: Queen Bee (bags and wallets), Snap! (Accessories like make-up bag and coin purses), Caroline Hwang (coin purses and silk-screened t-shirts) Small Things Designs (necklaces), Saelee Oh (t-shirts), Jen Corace (One-of-a-kind necklaces), Licking Pants Kids (sterling silver necklaces), Thanks! (Rubber wallets), Angela Muldoon (rings), Cherry Bomb (vinyl wallets), Alberta Poon (reversible felt cuffs) Souther Salazar & Mom (art pins), Lisa DeJohn (bags), Faction (silk-screened vintage ties), Nervous Nurses Undies (nurse on front and "sometimes bandages aren't enough" on butt), Loving Anvil (silver rings embossed with terms like "sweet pea.")


214 SW 8th, 827-3300

A small, downtown store crammed with mostly indie lines like BillyKirk (handmade accessories in materials like leather, sterling silver, canvas), i-clothing (men and women's street wear), BURST (leather bags), Mink (earrings and necklaces), Unis: (men's street wear) Punk Royal (silk-screened new and vintage garments), Yoko Devereaux (men's wear).


635 NW 23rd, 243-2456

A boutique carrying high-end women's clothing, including small labels like Rozae Nichols (women's clothing) and Burning Torch (casual women's clothing).


2285 NW Johnson, 222-4848

A higher-end store specializing in national, recognizable lines, but also carrying a few independent labels like Kim White (handbags made out of automotive upholstery) and Brand T's (hand-colored t-shirts).


1524 NE Alberta, 284-4645

Lots of pieces by local and regional designers, including Genna Golden (women's pants, skirts, tops, and dresses) and Flair (old sweaters recycled to produce new sweaters, newsboy caps).


931 SW Oak, 916-0000

A clothing store that sells quite a bit of vintage, as well as these indies: Nisa (one-piece tube and sweater dresses), Leroy's Girl (mini dresses) No Star (men and women's t-shirts, ball caps, and undies), Alberta Poon (wrist cuffs and pins), Queen Bee (bags, wallets, and belts), Daydream Factory (silk screened t-shirts), Mumbleboy (t-shirts silkscreened with superhero illustrations), and Soft Baked Goods (hats and soft fleece mittens "smittens").


1605 NE Broadway, 282-4940

This cute little boutique has a great selection of jeans, as well as a number of independent lines.


520 SW 9th, 220-0920

A mostly vintage store featuring independent local designs from Magpie (men and women's clothing), Linda Weill (women's leather cuffs and chokers), Ruth Radelet (men and women's leather cuffs and chokers), Black Bow (men's neckties shirts, women's tops and skirts), and Tatiana Sakurai (earrings), plus more.


823 NW 23rd, 224-7736

Spotlighting many independent lines, such as these locals: Adam Arnold (women's clothing), Elizabeth Dye (hats and scarves), Yvonne Lindemann (women's dresses and blouses), Caroline (women's dresses), Two Birds (monogrammed tee-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tanks).


1046 NW Johnson, 944-5475

An eyewear store that carries many handmade frames from small companies all over the world like Martin & Martin (new German line), Toki, Bevel (both Japanese), Kala (San Francisco), Click 12 (Italy), and Gold & Wood (very high-end from France, made out of gold, specialty woods, and sometimes buffalo horn).


3556 SE Hawthorne, 963-8200

A relatively new addition to Portland's clothing scene, but quickly becoming a fave, featuring super-wearable designs from Sofada (women's shirts, skirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts), Uprise (skirts, sweatshirts, and shirts), Sameunderneath (sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, and scarves) Akadia (men's t-shirts), Adam Arnold (handmade women and men's shirts, sweaters, skirts, and ties), Ductbill (duct tape wallets), Cyclical Designs (recycled wrist bands), Stolen (men and women's t-shirts), Soldier Leisure (men and women's shirts and hats), TankFarm (men and women's shirts and jackets), Tank Theory (men's t-shirts), Upper Playground (men and women's t-shirts and sweatshirts), Hellobase (men's t-shirts), Kasil (women's jeanswear), Guerilla Union (men's pants), Soul Rebel (men's shirts), Jfold (leather wallets), Itsus (men and women's shirts and sweatshirts), BrownBubble (men and women's t-shirts, jackets, and tank tops), Brave Belts (uh, belts).


107 NW 5th, 796-2733

A toy collector's dream store, gallery, and source for casual designs by Recon (sweatshirts, pants, and t-shirts), SSUR (sweatshirts, pants, and shirts), Silas (men and women's pants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts), Name Value (men's pants and shirts).


326 SE Morrison, 294-0445

Tucked under the Morrison bridge, the former Pokerface is a Portland staple for casual and sporty designs. They have a huge selection and sometimes throw interesting art events.


937 SW 10th, 228-2833

A small vintage store that also carries vintage-inspired dresses made by Roxanne, who keeps the floor stocked with pre-made items, as well as taking custom design orders for an incredibly reasonable price.


1740 SE Hawthorne, 234-5459

A women's clothing store specializing in Oregon designers like Dervish (dresses, skirts, and tops), Ipseity (women's clothing), Flare (de- and re-constructed/recycled sweaters), Erin MacLeod (belts, bracelets, and chokers), Pinkham Millinery (hats),

Knot Ugly (scarves, hats, and sweaters), Accents of Grace (jewelry), Susan Stars (necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets), Jonny Shultz (handbags, scarves, and hats).


3426 SE Hawthorne, 233-7476

Shoestore that also carries independent lines of accessories, like Denise Kotes and Maya Moon (handbags), BillyKirk (leather wristbands), Rhonda Kelly (earrings and necklaces), and Faryl Robin (shoes).


736 NW 23rd, 228-9143

It's a bit hidden, but once you get inside you'll find a few independent lines worth checking out, like Darbeka skirts.


3590 SE Hawthorne, 963-8888

Vintage clothing paradise that recently unleashed a new section of super funky local designs, including Buy or Die (design separates), Cat Fight (original and reconstructed pieces), Finch (Original designs), Fizz (arm warmers, leg warmers, and wrist cuffs) Found Object (satins), Jalopy (women's reconstructed pieces), Machine (suits with a twist), Ree Ree (bracelets), Sea Worthy (dresses, tops, skirts, and scarves made from sweaters), and Swirly Cat (jewelry).


3352 SE Belmont, 234-2409

Arguably the first tangible marker of Portland's fashion design scene being nationally recognized, Seaplane remains well known and respected. They carry pieces from Holly Stalder (slip tops, reconstructed wedding dresses, and hand dyed garments), Kathryn Towers (street wear and couture) Claire La Faye (women's clothing), Dyed (dresses and caps), Anther Pistil (art meets clothing), Linea (pieces made with vintage fabrics), Liza Rietz (women's clothing) Adam Arnold (men and women's clothing), Bonnie Heart Clyde (men's shirts and ties), and Bleepo (screen-printed t-shirts) among many others!


2940 NE Alberta, 595-0379

Vintage and local designs, including Gung Ho-Vintage (embellished slips), Darbeka (skirts), One Savvy Chic (undies, loungewear, booty shorts, skirts, and yoga wear), Hobotique (men's urban wear), Bonnie & Clyde (vintage shirts made into art wear), Recycled Relics (wrap skirts made from vintage ties), Fizz (leg warmers, armbands, thumbcuffs, and wrist cuffs), Dyed (hats from recycled sweaters), Julie Young (hats), Kaplanova (scarves), Susan Stars (handbags, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pendants), Bijoux Luck (necklaces and earrings), Anah Clare (jewelry), and Daisy Soup (hair clips and earrings).