Portland's New Art World Reality Show

"ARTSTAR is the first-ever unscripted television series set in the New York art world. Selected from [an] open call, eight artists will have the opportunity to participate in a group exhibition at Deitch Projects, and may have a chance to land their own solo exhibition with Deitch Projects. ARTSTAR will document these eight artists as they interact with leading critics, collectors, curators and artists in New York, while making new artworks as part of a historic collaborative exhibition at Deitch Projects. " --www.artstar.tv

Following the lead of ARTSTAR, Oregon Public Broadcasting recently announced that they were producing a Portland version of the American Idol-styled show, entitled DIO: Doing it Ourselves. The show's title derives from the popular DIY, or Do It Yourself mentality. DIO's producer told the Mercury, "While all of the show's applicants professed allegiance to the DIY philosophy, they weren't able to reconcile the DIY isolationist idealism with their social, collective tendencies." Once the artists congregated into small cliques and called themselves collectives, the term DIO was settled on, with the majority of the future "artstars" enjoying the sly wink to the Holy Diver metal head.

For now, DIO has been shelved until further notice due to conflicts between the aspiring renegade artists and the OPB producers. When the DIO cast members realized that the television station sent their film to a lab for processing, rather than "doing it themselves," they refused to cooperate with the TV crew any further. "We kind of saw it coming," one OPB insider told us. "We had just finished filming a crucial episode where each collective invited 26 artists for the big "Alphabet Show." The party, I mean, the show was a rager and I think a lot of the artists were looking for an excuse to just take it easy for a while. The whole film processing thing was just a front. When we pointed out to them that none of their four-inch square paintings were done on handmade Masonite, they just got pissed and walked off set."

Local DIO collectives "Second Grade Reunion" and "Your Favorite Puppy" were unavailable for comment but did mention something utterly forgettable about bringing art back to "the people" and rejecting the Pearl District galleries of the world. There is no word on whether or not DIO will resume shooting or if the finished episodes will ever air on television, but OPB says that they are actively lurking on the PDX DIY Yahoo Group for the next Kelly Clarkson of the DIO scene.