I was first introduced into the wonderful world of nail art last Halloween.I was going as "Bling Bling" and my good friend Lupine suggested I get some blingin' nails to heighten my awe-inspiring costume. Lupine then changed my life forever: She directed me to her nail lady, Miss Tracey, owner of Un-4-gettable Nails. And I couldn't have been happier. Upon leaving the salon, I had imbedded in my nails REAL money, complete with the phrases "bling" and "In God We Trust," along with glitter and fake rhinestones for added effect. Needless to say, my nails made my costume, and thus began my love affair with the art of getting my nails done.

Fake nails may not necessarily be the first things that pop into the modern hipster girl's mind, but hear me out--they are the shit, especially if done by a true nail artist. Miss Tracey (and you better believe you call her MISS Tracey, not just Tracey) got her start over fourteen years ago as a salon receptionist, when she decided to start doing some nails of her own. Quickly she began to see nails as another outlet for people to express themselves.

"Your personality makes your nails," she says. And it's true-- take the artistic detail of my Bling Bling, for example. Miss Tracey doesn't just do your basic French manicure or all-over color. She will but she's more of an artist. Her numerous national nail art awards are clear demonstrations of her talent. One of her award winning designs even featured an entire Oregon Coast scene, complete with Mount Hood in the distance.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to having your nails done. For instance, picking your nose is not such a good option anymore. Nor is opening soda cans. And apparently, fake nails are somewhat flammable (however, only idiots set their nails on fire). The perks, on the other hand, are plentiful. I find I point to things a lot more. I also find myself furrowing my brow and placing my hands in a "Thinker"-like pose when deep in thought. Back and head scratches are much more fulfilling, as well.

And best of all, when it's been about 2 days since my last shower, I at least know my nails look good, even if my hair doesn't.