The Kelley and Jason Show, PUH-Leese!, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, Wed Nov 30, 10 pm (starts on time, so don't be late!), $1

Just in case you were wondering whatever happened to Lightbox Studio, promoters and creators of all sorts of neat theatrical productions and other performance/art installations, well, it's not entirely defunct. "Everyone got married," says founding member Jason Eksuzian, who counts himself among that bunch, having gotten hitched to fellow founding member Kelley Bryant in a union of romantic love and creative energy—and being able to stand each other—that comes along about once every blue moon or so. The dynamic duo, who met in college, have filled the void in Lightbox's schedule with a steady stream of amazingly entertaining output that has included the hilarious "pimp-pop" outfit Koto y Soto, and the twisted talent extravaganza the Gong Show. This Wednesday, they present their newest concoction, a monthly event titled, aptly, The Kelley and Jason Show, PUH-Leese!.

Mercury: How would you describe this new show?

KELLEY: Andy Kaufman meets Dave Chappelle meets Sonny and Cher.

What do you have planned?

JASON: We do this mix of live sketches and video sketches and we always do a little musical number.

K: Which may or may not be a really good version of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy." We like to do an interview portion, too—last time we interviewed a teenage manager from the Hawthorne Burgerville.

J: Usually the interviews are good for a few minutes and then go terribly wrong.

What compelled you to want to do this show?

J: We both studied performance and all that kind of crap in college.

K: Though our professors would hold their heads down and walk away if they saw [The Kelley and Jason Show].

How does being married affect the dynamic of the show?

J: Well, there're a lot of jokes about us being married and cutesy little elements we play upon. We try to keep the bickering to a minimum.

Does the show offer a window into your home life?

J: Oh yeah. It's like spending an hour in our house.

K: We put the "funk" in dysfunctional.

If you could interview anyone in the world who would it be?

K: Prince

J: Or maybe Chuck Berris as a second choice.

K: Or maybe Olivia Newton-John

J: No. I wouldn't allow that. JUSTIN W. SANDERS