Alysia Duckler Gallery
1236 NW Hoyt St, 223-7595

* Bounty, new paintings by Barbara Eiswerth and marble, bronze, and stone sculptures by Francien Valk. Through Oct 28

American Institute of Architects
315 SW 4th Ave, 223-8757

* Art by Architects, a collection of paintings, sculptures, and other works by local architects. Through Oct 28

Attic Gallery
206 SW 1st Ave, 228-7830

Figurative paintings by Sidonie Caron and stoneware by Meaghan Kunzmann. Through Oct 28

Atwood Primitive/Lawrence Photographic
205 SW Pine St, 226-6334

* Landscape scenes in platinum from master printer Dan Burkholder. Through Oct 28

Augen Gallery
817 SW 2nd Ave, 224-8182

* A retrospective of photographs from Thomas Miller, and Prints from Pace, a selection of marvelous works from such art world notables as Kiki Smith and Chuck Close. Through Oct 28

Basil Hallward Gallery at Powell's City of Books
1005 W Burnside St, 228-4651

* The Victorian boudoir photographs of B.B. Chase and a comparative photo survey entitled Oregon: Then and Now. Through Oct 28

Berbatis' Pan
10 SW 3rd Ave, 248-4579

Berbatis joins the roster of Portland exhibition spaces, featuring End of an Era: Junque, a described, "tongue and cheek", pop-inspired exhibition of digital mural prints on canvas by Audrey Ray. Through Oct 28

Blackfish Gallery
420 NW 9th Ave, 224-2634

* Skin! The Human Fabric, a group photography show and new works by Nelson Sandgren. Through Oct 28

Blue Sky Photography Gallery
1231 NW Hoyt St, 225-0210

* New York collaborators Len Jenshel and Diane Cook present their photographic investigation of aquariums throughout the world. Through Oct 28

Bollenbach Art Labs
630 SE 3rd, 998-0422

* Jeff Jahns, Nic Walker, and Kelly Newcomer join forces to open a new venue to showcase their works. Call ahead for available viewing times. Through Oct 27

Boyer Arts
1325 NE Fremont St, 280-8845

Donna Ferrato's recent photographic series, Eve's Pleasure, celebrates the sexual vitality of our society's older citizens. Through Oct 28

Brian Marki Fine Art
2236 NE Broadway, 249-5659

* Travelogue, a selection of images captured from several cities by Steven Scardina and Robert M.Huff. Through Oct 31

Broderick Gallery

814 SW 1st Ave, 224-4020

The Orient Meets the Occident: elements of the East and West meet in the paintings of Zifen Qian. Through Oct 28

Butters Gallery

520 NW Davis St, 248-9378

* Masks and goblets from glass artist Jay Musler and paintings from Susan Harlan. Through Oct 28

Chetwynd Stapylton Gallery
615 SW Broadway, 223-4226

Pamela Edwards offers hand-colored Polaroid transfers as well as traditional prints, and Ukrainian painter Slava Mamsikov displays recent oils on canvas. Through Nov 11

Contemporary Crafts Gallery

3934 SW Corbett Ave, 223-2654

* Timeless Light: Contemporary Platinum Photography, an exhibition of over 100 platinum and palladium prints. Through Nov 5

Contemporary Crafts Gallery
3934 SW Corbett Ave, 223-2654

* Transfer, an exhibition of Polaroid emulsion transfers by Sandra Landers Lopez. Through Oct 29

Elizabeth Leach Gallery
207 SW Pine St, 224-0521

* Views from Italy, photographs by Christopher Rauschenberg, Selected Works from 1980 to 2000 by Richard Misrach, and an installation by Robert Lyons and Dutch Meyer. Through Nov 11

Fifth Element
404 NW 10th Ave, Suite 1, 279-9042

An Exhibition of Wood and Soda Fired Pottery, featuring ceramic work by Josh DeWeese. Through Oct 28

Froelick Adelhart

817 SW 2nd Ave, 222-1142

* Chimeras, tintypes from photographer Susan Seuberrt, and Flowers in the Attic, soft sculptures by Iggi Green. Through Oct 28

Gallery 114
1100 NW Glisan, 243-3356

* New works by Pat Barrett. Opens Oct 31

Gallery Untitled
723 NW 18th, 222-1822

Silences and Solitudes, abstract paintings from Arnold Suffin. Through Oct 28

Graystone Gallery
3279 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 238-0651

16th Annual Mask Show, a group exhibition featuring masks made from paper mache, wood, found objects, etc. Through Nov 12

Guardino Gallery
2939 NE Alberta, 281-9048

Fused glass constructions by Jerri Bartholmew and mixed media and collage work by Jeffrey Paris. Opens Oct 26

Hawthorne Arts
4134 SE Hawthorne, 231-7466

Fragments of Spain, color photographs by LeeAnn Slawson. Through Oct 29

625 NW Everett St #108, 228-1683

* Family Show, monotypes by Blanka Dvorak, photo-poetry on the streets by Jiri Dvorak, and social satire through watercolor by their daughter, Mara Infidelious. Through Oct 28

Jules Gallery
1110 NW Flanders St, Suite 100

In Color, photographs by Portland's Don Frank. Through Oct 28

L & B Viewing Room
1714 NW Overton 2 Flr, 241-4144

* Mareseatoats, a menagerie of new work by Mary Ellen Pinfold and Faces, a collection of portraits in oil by Peggy Schultz. Through Oct 27

Laura Russo Gallery
805 NW 21st Ave, 226-2754

* Character: Standing, Sitting, Prone, paintings by Gregory Grenon, Pilchuck Variations, vitreographs and monotypes by Rae Mahaffey, and selected gouache works from Michael Brophy. Through Oct 28

Macri Gallery
2324 SE Division, 238-1523

* Uncommon Returns, photographs by Therese Gietler and Stewart Harvey. Through Oct 31

Margo Jacobsen
1039 NW Glisan St, 224-7287

Exposed on the Cliffs of the Heart, large color landscapes by Oregon photographer Ron Cronin and carved wood sculptures by Steve Jensen. Through Oct 28

Mark Woolley Gallery
120 NW 9th Ave, Suite 210, 224-5475

* Ghosts, photographs by Carol Yarrow, Portraits of Portland, Shades of L.A., oils by Diane Remnick, and Immagini Pagane (Pagan Imaging), mixed media work by Lynda Frese. Through Oct 28

Matrix and Our Dream Galleries
2315 NE Alberta St, 288-3024

The Politics of Small Mindedness & Other Misdemeanors, found object and mixed media work by Richard Schemmerer. Opens Oct 26

Metropolitan Art Studio

2808 NE MLK #13, 422-9052

* Interrupt, a multimedia extravaganza combining theater, technology, and art by collaborators known as Liminal. Opens Oct 26

Multnomah Arts Center
7688 SW Capitol Hwy, 823-3187

Collage and assemblage works by Saundra Timberlake. Opens Oct 31

Omni Gallery

416 NW 5th Ave, 224-2754

A Day in the Life of a Man with a Plan, an Inverse Film, a series of selenium-toned, silver gelatin prints by Larry Cwik. Through Oct 28

Onda Gallery
2215 NE Alberta St, 493-1909

Unique books, wall pieces, and sculptures by Nancy Pobanz made from home-spun materials, including paper from local plants and pigment from desert soils. Opens Oct 26

Our Dream Gallery
2209 NE Alberta, 288-3024

If Rembrandt Could See Me Now, oils on canvas and board by Anthony Jeffrey. Opens Oct 26

Pacific Northwest College of Art
1241 NW Johnson, 226-4391

* Echoes: A Century Survey, an exhibition of paintings, collages, drawings, and writings by New York artist Arnold Mesches. Through Oct 30.

604 NW 12th Ave, 222-0063

* Invasive Basalt: Northern Oregon Coastal Headlands, a photographic journey into geological formations by Terry Toedtemeier. Through Oct 29

Photographic Image
240 SW 1st Ave, 224-3543

New Pictoralism, a group show of young artists, and New York Noir, nightscape photography from Orville Robertson. Through Oct 30

Plain Jane
2936 NE Alberta St, 528-9691

Spirits: Moving in Masks, a three-person show featuring the papier-mâché masks of Jenna MacGillis, photography by Joya Menashe, and displays and framework contributed by Linda Peters. Opens Oct 26

Poker Face
128 SW 3rd Ave, 294-0445

Renewal, a mix of watercolor and tempera works by Portland figure Ernest Truly. Through Oct 30

Portland Art Museum
1219 SW Park Ave, 226-2811

* Oregon's 20th Century in Photography, an exhibition from the museum's permanent collection, featuring photographs from the last 100 years. Through Jan 3

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

219 NW 12th, 242-1419

* Counter Canvas, a group exhibition teetering on the local cutting edge. Through Nov 26

Pulliam Deffenbaugh
522 NW 12th Ave, 228-6665

* Cityscapes, new paintings by Northwest art veteran George Johanson. Through Oct 28

Pulliam Deffenbaugh Broadway Gallery
507 SW Broadway, 228-8208

New photographs by Brad Rogers. Through Oct 28

Reading Frenzy
921 SW Oak, 274-1449

* Portraits from Mission High Yearbook 1942, a series of paintings by Christine Shields. Through Oct 28

S.K. Josefberg Gallery
403 NW 11th Ave, 241-9112

* Architecture in Photography, portraits of famed architects and their creations. Through Nov 25

Standard Dairy Complex #5, 2808 NE Martin Luther King Blvd, 284-8800

Photographs by Stephen Datnoff and oil paintings by Carol Brandwein. Through Oct 28

Three Friends Coffeehouse
201 SE 12th, 236-6411

Liberation, pastel work by artist Samuel Paden. Through Oct 30

Torrefazione Italia
1140 NW Everett, 224-9896

Large Photographs, color and black & white photography by Amy Archer. Through Oct 31