Are you an art star? Well, here is your chance to prove it. It all starts by submitting four slides for review to the Portland Art Museum. If you have made fantastic work in the last two years and are a resident of either Oregon or Clark County, you are eligible! Don't delay however: the deadline for slide submission is DECEMBER 1. Selected individuals will be part of the Oregon Biennial 2001, which will be exhibited April 29 through June 24. For detailed information, contact the museum.

American Institute of Architects

315 SW 4th Ave, 223-8757

* The Beginning: Paintings from Two Emerging Portland Artists featuring Jeni Lee and John Silva. Through Nov 30

Animals in Architecture, a photographic capturing of creatures within man-made structures by Michael Mathers. Opens Dec 1

Attic Gallery
206 SW 1st Ave, 228-7830

Regional paintings by Earl Hamilton and clay sculptures by Ruri. Through Dec 2

Augen Gallery
817 SW 2nd Ave, 224-8182

* Roseland Paintings, a collection of nine large paintings on paper by young abstract artist Douglas Davidovich. Also, Carolyn Krieg presents recent photographs that approach a melding of myth, memory, and mortality. Through Dec 2

Berbatis' Pan
215 SW Ankeny, 229-0776

72 women show of their latest masterpieces. Through Nov 30

Blackfish Gallery
420 NW 9th Ave, 224-2634

* Exhibition featurig three new members: Acoustiguide in Blue, an installation by Merridawn Duckler, and new panitings by William Garett and Justin Holt. Through Dec 2

Blue Sky Photography Gallery
1231 NW Hoyt St, 225-0210

* Photographer Ken Graves dives into the vein of collage presenting work that marries photos and images from pop culture journals from the 1930s through the 1950s. Californian photographer A. Leo Nash exhibits black and white panoramas that documet the vast Black Rock Desert in Nevada followig the Burning Man Festival. Through Dec 2

1325 NE Fremont St, 280-8845

Landscape Memories, new oil paintings by Ben Frank Moss. Opens Dec 1

Broderick Gallery
814 SW 1st Ave, 224-4020

Expressionistic, figurative oil paintings by Crawfurd Adamson and watercolors on rice paper, by Chinese artist Mak Kum-Siew. Through Dec 2

Butters Gallery

520 NW Davis St, 248-9378

* Work by Seattle glass sculptor Preston Singletary, characterized by meticulous technique and a style that reflects his Native American heritage. Pittsburgh artist Patricia Bellan-Gillen displays abstract paintings that have been described as "mixtures of TS Eliot and slang." Through Dec 2

Cafe Renaissance
214 NW Glisan, 241-0552

Early Paintings by Ron Mudge. Opens Dec 1

Cobalt Lounge Gallery
32 NW 3rd Ave, 225-1003

Figurative paintings by Terry Hallet-Lyman that have been described as "dark and dysfunctional Norman Rockwell." Through Nov 30

Contemporary Crafts Gallery
3934 SW Corbett Ave, 223-2654

Dimitria Dabova: Contemporary Tapestries, an exhibition featuring the labor-intensive weavings of Bulgarian artist Dimitria Dabova. Through Dec 3

Breaking the Mold, a display that explores the changes within ceramic arts during the '60s and "70s. Through March 15

Elizabeth Leach Gallery
207 SW Pine St, 224-0521

* It's a four-pronged art attack! Drake Deknatel presents recent paintings in Philosophy of Desire, Robert Hanson unveils Mythology, a series of drawings and paintings. Painter Forrest Williams displays Pilgrim, a selection of oil paintings, and last-but-not-least, Kristan Kennedy shows off a new series of paintings entitled My Natural History. Through Dec 23

Froelick Gallery
817 SW 2nd Ave, 222-1142

* Markers, expressionist wanderings by painter Laura Ross-Paul that place the figure in nature. Also available for viewing is a selection of works by Ross-Paul that span her career. Through Dec 2

Gallery 114
1100 NW Glisan St, 243-3356

New work from Oregon painter Pat Barrett. Through Dec 2

Gallery 33
1400 NW Everett St, 219-9900

New works in oil by Jeannine Edelblut that offer a glimpse into the French countryside. Tim Chilina's glass constructions explore an interplay with light. Through Dec 5

Guardino Gallery
2939 NE Alberta St, 281-9048

A group show illuminating various interpretations of the theme, Altars. Opens Nov 30

5340 N Interstate Ave, 788-8357

* Printmaker Sarah Ellen Taylor creates an interactive display of Tarot cards, replacing traditional signs with contemporary ones. On selected dates Taylor will be on hand at IFCC and Reading Frenzy on Saturdays throughout the month for artist dialogues. Call for times Through ov 30

L & B Viewing Room
1714 NW Overton St, 2 Flr, 241-4144

Creative Kids & Leon Annual Group Show, a mix of work by children and adults. Vases to Vases, an exhibition of vases by Molly Morgan will also be on view. Through Dec 1

Laura Russo Gallery
805 NW 21st Ave, 226-2754

Recent Paintings by Stephen McClelland that venture into formal, abstract issues with bright colors and bold shapes. Prints, Pots, Sculpture, a display of work by Frank Boyden that primarily showcases his affinity for printmaking. Opens Nov 30

Lewis & Clark College Gallery of Contemporary Art
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, 768-7687

* Instruments for a New Navigation, Morris Graves presents spacey, two-sided sculptures of cast bronze and steel with bases of Tuscan marble and alabaster. All explicate space travel and the tools necessary to do so. Through Dec 16

Margo Jacobsen

1039 NW Glisan St, 224-7287

Maki Hajikano presents glass sculpture, Richard Morhous displays new paintings, and John DeWit showcases new glassworks. Through Dec 2

Mark Woolley Gallery
120 NW 9th Ave, Suite 210, 224-5475

Recent oil paintings and pastel studies from Brigitte Dortmund. Through Dec 2

Mark Woolley East
1434 SE 37th Ave, 224-5475

Small Wonders, selected works by gallery and independent artists. Through Dec 31

Martial Arts
18 NW 3rd Ave

Girl Show featuring Pearl Dick, Shannon Kelly, Jenny Knowles, and Paige Saez. Through Nov 30

Marylhurst Art Gym
17600 Pacific Hwy, 699-6243

* Inherited, an exhibition featuring the sewing skills of five artists. Through embroidery and even crochet! the group of artists explore gender and family history. Through Dec 8

Matrix and Our Dream Galleries
2315 NE Alberta St, 288-3024

Community in Motion and the Power of Hope, oils on panels created by 33 artists living with or affected by AIDS and a display ofStar Quilts of the Assiniboine and Sioux Indians Opens Nov 30

Medicine Hat Gallery
1834 NE Alberta St, 282-4083

The multitasking venue offers visual art and then some this month. Found steel sculpture by Faith Jennings, mixed media work by A. Volpe and Jesse Peper, and a hodgepodge of work from John A. Arnold and Joshua Mulligan. Grand performances created by Medios Espectaculo III will happen on Dec 1 and 2, 9 pm, $7-23. Through Dec 28

Metropolitan Art Studio
2808 NE MLK #13, 422-9052

* Interrupt, a multimedia extravaganza combining theater, technology, and art by collaborators known as Liminal. Thurs-Sat, 8-10 pm, Through Dec 3

Multnomah Arts Center
7688 SW Capitol Hwy, 823-3187

Annual Instructors Show, featuring fiber arts, ceramics, painting, calligraphy, and drawing. Opens Dec 5

Nil Contemporary Art
328 NW Broadway #114, 221-3182

* Temporal Considerations of Materials, a Minimalist exhibition of objects by Harry King that explores the nature of time and corrosion. Through Nov 30

Onda Gallery
2215 NE Alberta St, 493-1909

Rising Sun, paintings and prints by Dennis Sun. Opens Nov 30

Our Dream Gallery
2209 NE Alberta, 288-3024

Tis the Season to Artists, a group show of gallery artists featuring works in oils, watercolors, mixed media, and prints. Opens Nov 30

604 NW 12th Ave, 222-0063

James Lavadour presents a selection of recent, abstract oil paintings influenced by jazz. Through Dec 3

Peripheral Produce at Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Blvd, 282-6082

* Newest effort by the local film vehicle, including the musical stylings of The Swords Project, the latest film by PP head man Matt McCormick, and much much more. $6 at the door, advanced tickets available at Readig Frenzy Dec 2, 9 pm

Portland Art Museum
1219 SW Park Ave, 226-2811

* Painting Revolution: Kandinsky, Malevich and the Russian Avant-Garde, a unique exhibition of 86 paintings from 13 Russian museums, including the rarely exhibited work by Alexander Rodchenko and V.E. Tatlin. Through Jan 7

Oregon's 20th Century in Photography, an exhibition drawn from the museum's permanent collection, featuring photographs taken over the last 100 years. In Search of the Promised Land: Paintings by Frederic Edwin Church, a selection of work by the American painter (1826-1900). Through Jan 3

Portland Building Lobby
1120 SW 5th, RACC contact: 823-5426

Ben Hull and Hunter Caputo become the latest addition to a list of artists that RACC has utilized to transform the lobby of the Portland Building. The duo presents the installation Untitled #2. Through Dec 15

Pulliam Deffenbaugh
522 NW 12th Ave, 228-6665

New sculpture and ceramics by Baba Wague Diakite. The artist came originally from Mali to the US in 1984, and since then has continually engaged viewers with his paintings on ceramics. Through Dec 2

Pulliam Deffenbaugh Broadway Gallery
507 SW Broadway, 228-8208

New acrylic paintings on paper by Max Grover , the acclaimed author/illustrator of such titles as Max's Wacky Taxi Day. Through Dec 2

Q Hut Gallery

904 SE Belmont St, 238-1718

Final Vinyl & Rubber Show, the last exhibit for Q Hut gallery, a celebration good-bye featuring the spinnings of DJ Mister B. Dec 2, 6-11 pm

Shaffer Fine Art Gallery
308 SW 1st Ave, 295-4979

A collection of cast bronze and cast stainless steel marine life sculptures, by Hawaiian Scott Hanson. Through Nov 30

An exhibit featuring custom jewelry designs from Kerrita Mayfiled and oil landscape paintings from Rosemarie Roberts will open Dec 1

Sigo Gallery
328 NW Broadway #115, 223-5725

Virtual Humanity, multi-media works by Montana artist Gabriel Otto. Opens Dec 1

Studio 1627

1627 NE Alberta, 335-8161

Holiday show featuring painting, sculpture, tile mosaics, glass, and functional art by various artists. Opens Nov 30


Standard Dairy Complex #5, 2808 NE Martin Luther King Blvd, 284-8800

Homage, paintings by Northwest artist Sharon Geraci that includes collage work, landscape, and figurative paintings. Guest artist simply known as "Stephan" will present spirit-filled, acrylic paintings. Through Dec 3

The Donut Shop
116 NE Russell, 528-1919

Donut Shop founder Cris Moss invites Jeremy Bittermann, Valerie Collins, Ted Gibson, Cathy McClure, and Jose Torreano to contribute to Donut Shop II, an exhibit of video, installation, photography, and sculpture. Opens Dec 1

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