Alberta Street Public House Art Exhibit
1034 NE Alberta, 284-7665

Portland live music photographer Jeff Bizzell displays a healthy smattering of images that highlight various local and touring performers. Opens Jan 31

* Eagerwally Gallery
630 SE 3rd, 335-3821

Climate Control, group exhibit highlighting socially and politically minded art. Participants include Alex Lilly, Amelia Hendley, Raul Mendez, Megan Gnekow, Matilda Forsberg, and Yara Matasuoka, Opens Feb 1

* Elizabeth Leach Gallery
207 SW Pine St, 224-0521

Whimsey II, a continued group-exhibit featuring a mix of regional and national artists, including Horatio Hung-Yan Law, Katherine Aoki, and Hilary Pfeifer. Cris Moss, the founder of the "Donut Shop" exhibitions, unveils an installation entitled "Repetitions," an enigmatic blend of video and still work. Through Feb 2

Gallery Schmallery
2132 SE Division, 239-3735

Aaron T. Gritzka presents a recent series of black and white photographs. Opens Feb 1

* L & B Viewing Room
1714 NW Overton 2 Flr, 241-4144

In the photographic exhibition, Suspended Images, Richard Koenig presents prints that suggest repetition. Koenig's process is this: He photographs a scene, then places that print within the same scene, and creates a sort of second generation image. Through Feb 1

Lewis & Clark College Gallery of Contemporary Art
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, 768-7687

The Figure in Ceramic, a group exhibition featuring nine artists from across the US. Each artist exposes the human figure by way of a unique, ceramic style. Through Mar. 10

* Littman and White Galleries Portland State University
Smith Center 1825 SW Broadway, 2nd Floor, 725-5656

The Littman gallery presents Country Days/City Nights, an exhibit of oil paintings by New York artist Myron Heise. The White Gallery offers up Still Life, a display of images by local photographer Tom Florio. At the Autzen Gallery, Cris Moss (of Donut Shop fame) presents new work. Through Jan 31

* Medusa Gallery and Tattoo
420 SW Washington, 228-1008

Western Art Show features the artistic stylings of Evan Harris and his father, Robert Harris. Through Jan 31

Multnomah Arts Center
7688 SW Capitol Hwy, 245-3642

A Nature Walk, a group exhibit showcasing paintings created by members of the Portland Fine Arts Guild. Through Feb 20

Onda Gallery
2215 NE Alberta St, 493-1909

Sentimental Education of an Immigrant, paintings and wood cutouts by Hampton Rodriguez that illuminate the artist's perspective as a "stranger in a strange land": Rodriguez arrives in Portland as an immigrant from the Dominican Republic.

Oregon College of Art and Craft
8245 SW Barnes Rd, 297-5544

The Hoffman Gallery presents Systems of Notation, an exhibit of drawings by Linda Welker which is bent toward a discussion of time, memory, and language. Through Feb 10

604 NW 12th Ave, 222-0063

Sleep and Sleeplessness, an exhibit of drawings and objects by Marie Watt, which illuminates nocturnal wanderings. Homespun Universe is a window installation by Mariana Tres that reveals the artist's fascination with astronomy. Through Feb 2

* S.K. Josefberg Gallery
403 NW 11th Ave, 241-9112

Photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo is nearly a century old--in that time, he has lived through and responded to a series of major events, including the Mexican Revolution. The display of his work at SKJ is just partial evidence of his amazing life journey. Also on view is work by New York photographer Suzanne Opton. Opton's color photographs are largely nude studies, which offer a poetic counterpart to the documentation presented by Bravo. Through Feb 23

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