Adam Martin
Adam Martin's watercolors seem simple at first, but actually, they're just surprisingly subtle; a gentle touch, their painstaking, balanced rendering--really pretty and delicate. Blue Screen Gallery, 125 NW Everett #102

Alphabet Frenzy
To celebrate their eighth anniversary AND the Oak Street Block Party (Sun Sept 15, from noon to 6 pm), Reading Frenzy presents 26 of the nation's finest artists/graphics/zine people, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Participants come from Portland and elsewhere, including Martin Ontiveros, Bwana Spoons, Melody Owen. Also the Mercury's own Jen Davison, Kalah Allen, and ex-Sean Tejaratchi. Reading Frenzy, 921 SW Oak, 274-1449

ed morris/yarn artists
Ed Morris, who co-founded a new sound and visual art label YARN, will give a slideshow and discuss how the two intertwine. Includes works by Kit Clayton, Howard Goldkrand, Anna Hepler, Hitoshi Toyoda, more. COOLEY GALLERY AT REED COLLEGE, 3203 SE Woodstock, 777-7790, Thurs Sept 12, 7:30 pm

Through paint, photos, and installation, five artists-Elli Cummins, Daisy Grattan, Levi Hanes, Sarah Shields, and Tracy Timmins-arm themselves for winter with "what makes them hot." Eagerwally Gallery, 630 SE 3rd, 335-3821, Opens Sept 14, 7 pm

Hot Rods and Hot Bods
Kustum Kulture is greaser-hot: rods, tattoos, pin-up ladies, rebellion. This group show, featuring over 20 artists, exhibits some favorites. Expect monsters, fast cars, and lots of round booty. Gallery Bink, 1416 E. Burnside, 233-8866, Through Sept

Shayla Hason
In Exhibit A, Hason presents folks around town in black and white photos with a sweet empathy and unique composition. Also, Hason photographs fashion in a way that makes the clothing seem like a cultural signifier, rather than some anorexia chick wearing somebody's monetarily-oriented design. Which I guess is also a cultural signifier. In other words, her subjects are people, rather than players in her art. Okay, um... just check it out. Seaplane, 3356 SE Belmont, 234-2409, Opens Sept 13, 7 pm; Through Oct 7

A kickoff event for "You," the forthcoming new interactive art project by Brad Adkins. Featuring a video program, slide show, snacks. 2603 SE 15th, Thursday Sept 12, 8-11 pm