visual arts

The Bulb Show
Orlo explores art, jazz, poetry, street-theater, more. Orlo Exhibition Space, 2516 NW 29th Bldg 9, 242-1047, Opens Sat, Sept 28

When Crocodiles Ruled
Before humans could make art... or before there were even humans... there were crocs. Check out OMSI's life-sized dioramas of post-dinosaur, pre-human USA. Now that is fucking postmodern. OMSI, 1945 SE Water, 797-4537

Grand Opening
For Last Thursday, Bohio presents its grand opening. A new studio started by five Hispanic artists, with focusing on their collective experiences in their native countries and more. They promise an "explosion of color and creativity." Explosions, people. Bohio Studio, 1451 NE Alberta, 740-1772, Opens Sept 26

Laure LeClair
Tiny tornado paintings (five by seven) mounted on plaques, to show what it looks like to turn into an emotional trainwreck. PDX Window Project, 612 NW 12th, Through Oct 19

Seth Nehil
Soundvision opens Sept 27; it's a new gallery devoted to the increasing juxtaposition of sound installations and visual art that "relates to technology or the sciences." FINALLY! Their first show is Nehil's Black Walnut Drawings, which are drawings made from black walnut ink and generated from "improvised centers." Grand opening with audio artists KMH, Twine, and Solenoid on First Thursday. Deep. Soundvision, 825 NW Everett #108, 238-7007, Opens Sept 27

Terri Fletcher, Susan Kristoferson, KAren McCarthy, JoAnne Schiavone
Four artists get crunk with assemblage, mostly on paper, to make tactile, useful art-books, boxes, wall pieces, etc. Guardino Gallery, 2939 NE Alberta, 281-9048, Through Oct 29

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