Calahan, the Portland cartoonist, drew a bunch of erotic ladies licking their own nipples and looking mean/seductive. I would say it was grody if he hadn't captured my own innermost wants... desires... titillating hopes... so, so well. Like Mel Gibson in that movie. Lovelake, 1720 NW Lovejoy #107, 503 939 2255, Through Oct

Dave Kinsey, Andy Howell

Notable skateboard artists do elaborate paintings, and they look dope. Compound, 11 NW 2nd, Through Oct


Mark Mothersbaugh (leader of Devo, printer of prints) exhibits, as well as John Van Hamersveld, "Rock Music Industry Design Icon." Plus music, a bunch of other nutty shit. Chetwynd Stapylton Gallery, 615 SW Broadway, 223-4226

Meet You After School

Some street art in NW Portland: John Kelly and Brian Gonzalez paint live while discussing school funding and other pressing issues. NW 13th & Irving, Thurs Oct 3, 8:15 pm

Plywood Hoods and Concrete Comandos

I love the fuck-off mentality of the skater art at Zeitgeist. Their installations are always chaotic and messy, inexplicable, but somehow rad. This month, see an all-star skater installation and film fest. Zeitgeist, 625 NW Everett #109, 971-544-1365, Through Oct

The Adventures of Lucy Fur & Natalia

See (in 3-D!) the hot and lesbo-erotic kink slideshow starring two sexy chicks in costume. Arrive by 10 pm, cause they're not letting in stragglers. Dante's, 1 SW 3rd Ave, 226-6630, Thurs Oct 3

The Bulb Show

Opening "gala": Oct 8, 8 pm to midnight. Stars tap dancing phenom Shoehorn, plus candidates, their art, and the world's largest suggestion box. Orlo Exhibition Space, 2516 NW 29th Bldg 9, 242-1047, Through Oct

The Four Horsemen

You can say that again. Martin Ontiveros, Bwana Spoons, Kevin Scalzo, Guy Burwell all paint wonderfully humpy, pop-culturally awesome, but not rippy-offy paintings of monsters, robots, animals, etc. Medusa Gallery and Tattoo, 420 SW Washington, 228-1008, Through Oct

The Unseen Space

Hard-to-explain, interactive installation that sounds wicked fun in the way that going to the Exploratorium in San Francisco is fun. It lights up the aura of your body, dude. Portland Building Lobby, 1120 SW 5th, RACC contact: 823-5426, Through Nov 1

Nicholas Walker

Shockster Nic Walker did the deer carcass installation last time. Now he's showing paintings; they're good--strong images, personality etc. Fleck Gallery, 625 NW Everett # 102, 223-2066, Through Oct 30

Ralph Rosenborg

Never-before-seen charcoals, oils, watercolors, and woodcuts from Ralph Rosenborg, who everyone has a big boner for. Mark Woolley Gallery, 120 NW 9th Ave, Suite 210

Remedios Rapoport, Gene Flores & David Andersen

If you have even a vague interest in modern Hispanic imagery/ Mexican Catholicism/the collision of Hispanic culture with American ideals, you MUST see these paintings. The show looks great. Theatre Imagine, at the IFCC, 5340 N Interstate Ave, 780-1886, Through Oct

Sarah Wilmer

In Light, post, sign, sky, Wilmer exhibits photographs and video. Also, Fri Oct 4, 9 pm, there's a "Night out at Neon" with Bronwyn. Neon, 328 NW Broadway #115, Through Oct