DJ Magneto, E*Rock, Mumbleboy, plus art
Supermotherfuckingflat, y'all. Mumbleboy is NYC's flash animation genius, creating utterly inventive animation with rockers, little puppies, weird globby tube socks, etc. Ian Lynam subverts through great graffiti-influenced art, as does Struggle Inc.'s Cody Hudson. E*Rock exhibits new mixed media paintings. The opening will include DJ Magneto, plus live Mumbleboy installation for visuals. Compound, 11 NW 2nd, Opens Fri Jan 2, 8 pm

Cameos and Thugs
David Eckard's drawings, which draw from old medical/anatomy journals, and exhibit much depth, with an eye for the esoteric. PDX, 604 NW 12th Ave, 222-0063, Opens Tues Jan 7

Cuts Like a Knife
Curated by local abstract painting impresario Zefrey Throwell, this show consists of palette knife artists only! Levi Hanes, Carson Ellis, Tracy Timmons, Throwell, and Chandra Bocci. Opening includes musical performance by Ryan Stowe covering Bryan Adams' eponymous hit. Denim outfits requested. Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, Opens Wed Jan 8, 7-11 pm

Portland Summer Nights
Christa Grimm exhibits acrylic paintings inspired by actual dancers, sketched at local concerts and clubs. Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, Opens Fri Jan 3, 8 pm, with dancing

Somnambulist Alarmclock
Photographs of death and birth, paintings, more by a large group of artists, including Quinton Bradley's "Terrorist Grandma takes her Grandchildren Hostage." Zeitgeist, 625 NW Everett #109, 971-544-1365, Opens Thurs Jan 2

Jason Mitchell
Monkeys are an understandably popular subject for modern designers. They make funny noises, and remind us of ourselves. Especially when they wear turbans and aviator goggles and shit, like in this artist's work. Opening day (both first and second Thursday) will include LA's DJ Bucky Nebulon. Genuine Imitation Gallery, 328 NW Broadway #116, Opens Thurs Jan 2, 7 pm

John Baldesssari
A lecture by the found photo/pop culture artist, who is featured in Embracing the Present, which closes after today. Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave, 226-2811, Sun Jan 5, 2 pm

Maurizio Donzelli, Silvia Levenson
Kiln-formed glass in modern fairy-tale shapes and colors. Paintings on glass; the armor of little children from these Italian glass masters. Bullseye Connection Gallery, 300 NW 13th Ave, 227-0222, Opens Wed Jan 8