Arthur Leipzig, Willy Ronis
Arthur Leipzig and Willy Ronis, two deeeep photographers exhibiting their work from the 1940s. You will be stunned at the fluidity and life captured in the works of these two fellows. They were seriously "on some next," as it were. Blue Sky Photography Gallery, 1231 NW Hoyt St, 225-0210, Jan 16- Mar 1

Eric Ferrari, Timothy Foss
Eric Ferrari, artist-in-residence, opens Give Me Something Good to Die For to Make it Beautiful to Live, a good title for his new work, which deals with memory. Foss will show functional ceramics which fuse old skool design with new skool thought. Contemporary Crafts Gallery, 3934 SW Corbett Ave, 223-2654, Opens Jan 18, 3 pm

Portland newcomer Stephen Slappe's video installation in the IMAG Gallery promises a scintillating, thought-provoking melding of "peepshow and gloryhole." Voyeurism, exhibitionism; how well do you know yourself? Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson, 226-4391, Jan 20-31

Rothenberg: The Shame Bath
It's an installation, and the promotional materials only allude to what it will actually consist of, but Stan Gardner's new work sounds compelling. "Equal parts temple, historic monument, and European exploration of the parallels between cultural shame created by the holocaust, and familial shame created by incest." No loss for content there; now, the question is, can the NYC artist approach her topic with as much delicacy as, say, Polanski did with The Pianist? Find out. Northview Gallery at Portland Community College, 12000 SW 49th, 977-4264, Jan 13-Feb 14

Pierre Bendine-Boucar
Sat, Jan 18 will be the last day to view Bendine-Boucar's paintings. This is significant because, apart from Gavin Shettler Gallery: A Retrospective, which is up from Jan 23-Feb 1, it's the last show ever for the Gavin Shettler Gallery. But wipe the tears that burst from your eyes, because the space will then temporarily house the Portland Center for the Advancement of Culture, a forum/venue for all Portland artists. The PCAC is under direction of Marcia Bizon, Elizabeth Leach, Bryan Suereth and, yes, Gavin Shettler himself. Gavin Shettler Gallery, 625 NW Everett #106, 481-7450

Pretty Things: The Art of Martin Ontiveros, Erick Thomas, and Jimmy Pickering
Ontiveros, purveyor of candy-vibrant hues and cool painted robots, has quickly become one of Portland's most sought-after funky artists. (So much so that someone purportedly stole the monkey A-board he designed and painted for Reading Frenzy years ago. Dude, if you are the stealer, that is SO uncool, and you need to give it back right now. It's not like Reading Frenzy is Powell's or something, rolling in bucks. One of Jimmy Pickering's paintings is on the cover of the very paper you hold in your hands. Gallery Bink, 1416 E. Burnside, 233-8866, Through Feb

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