* William Pope.L Candy Mountain
Before you go stuffing your face with corn dogs and elephant ears at the Rose Festival, make it a point to see Candy Mountain, a new public performance by William Pope.L which is being held in conjunction with eRacism at PICA. Candy Mountain is a marathon dance challenge atop an American flag, with the artist dressed in an old fashioned milkman's outfit. Every hour he will douse himself with a bucket of chocolate syrup, and fox-trot with volunteers while chit chatting about homelessness and the future of equality. Finally, public art worth braving the public for! A Lot, SW 3rd and Taylor, June 6 & 7, 6 pm-2 am

Bruce Robertson
With art galleries dropping off the radar like so many flies, new venues for seeing art are definitely worth celebrating. Two students (PSU/PNCA) are opening The Mailroom Gallery this month with the "amazing talent" of Bruce Robertson, an abstract painter from Salt Lake City. Wouldn't it be great if these guys really pulled it off? Here's to hoping. In the meantime, check out Portland's newest gallery with the coolest name. Mailroom Gallery, 512 NW 9th, (503) 869-3356, Opens June 5

* Chuck Close
Hey everybody, a big name famous artist is having a solo gallery show in Portland! So what if he's old enough to qualify for the AARP--Chuck Close can paint the pants off 99% of the people out there, and I know for a fact that his prints look way better in person than they do in print, which is saying a lot. Augen Gallery, 817 SW 2nd Ave, 224-8182, Through June 28

I'm not much for labels, but I can't resist anything by an "accordionatrix cum photo surrealist." Alicia J. Rose (aka Miss Murgatroid) is just such a person, and Histrionic marks her debut show at Genuine Imitation. Rose's photographs are deeply saturated and theatrical, and look far more accomplished than any debuts in recent memory. Genuine Imitation Gallery, 328 NW Broadway #116, 234-3760, Through Mar 31

Raw Art Show/ Silent Auction
Oh baby I like it raw! What the hell is raw art? Whatever it is, Laurelthirst is having a show and silent auction of it, and are giving 80% of the proceeds to Food Not Bombs PDX. Laurelthirst, 2958 NE Glisan St, 232-1504, Through June 27