Genometrics (Tribryd Pt.1)
After one year of presenting the most sophisticated and handsome exhibitions of all the Everett Station galleries, Soundvision is bowing out due to--big surprise--economic factors. Following impressive showings at The Best Coast and The Modern Zoo, owner TJ Norris is rededicating himself to art making, as witnessed by his farewell show, Genometrics, the first of a three-part collaboration with experimental sound artists. Soundvision, 625 NW Everett #108, 238-7007, Through Oct 18

* Hay Days--Texas Punk Pix 80-84
20 years ago, before he was the local film and video guru he is now, Bill Daniels was checking out punk shows by Black Flag, Minor Threat, and the Butthole Surfers in shitty clubs and living rooms in Texas. Feeling like a non-musical poser, he photographed everything and as a result, has an amazing photo history of early punk from the Reagan era. Beulahland, 118 NE 28th Ave, 235-2794, Through Sept 22

* Japanese Photography 1960's - 1970's
These two decades were the most fertile artistic periods for Japanese photographers, and the output of the time is just being reevaluated by Americans. The two leading photographers of them all--Eikoh Hosoe and Daido Moriyama--are on view here, as well as six of their contemporaries. S.K. Josefberg Gallery, 403 NW 11th Ave, 241-9112, Through Oct. 11

* Kosmos: A Portrait of the Russian Space Age
In the late '90s, New York photographer Adam Bartos began a series of quiet color photographs depicting the "cosmic souvenirs" of the Soviet space program. Rather than focusing on monumental documentary clichés, Bartos searches out the overlooked and humanizing elements of a nearly forgotten galactic industry. Blue Sky Photography Gallery, 1231 NW Hoyt St, 225-0210, Through August 30

* Long, Gone Holiday
The funky new Motel Gallery presents Long, Gone Holiday, a group show featuring three recent grads of Pasadena's Art Center College of Design. Caroline Hwang, Saelee Oh, and Rachel Sumptor work within a craft-based style of illustration, and based on sneak peeks we've seen, this looks like a sweet one. Motel, NW Couch between 5 & 6, Through Sept 27