Battle of the Artist Curators
The inaugural show at Haze Gallery showcases the personal work of artists who are better known locally as curators, or who have curated at least a few local exhibitions. This includes multi-taskers such as Jeff Jahn, TJ Norris, Eva Lake, Bryan Suereth, and others, but unfortunately leaves out Nan Curtis, Bruce Conkle, Stuart Horodner, and Terry Toedtemeier. If you checked this show out during it's first month or so, there's all new stuff to see, as the artists changed the entire exhibition at the midpoint. Haze Gallery, 6635 N. Baltimore Ste. 211, 503-283-6863

This group photography exhibition examines the relationships between humans and their man-made surroundings through photos of global travels, people wearing masks, and small details like seating booths and coffee cups. Pacific Switchboard, 4637 N Albina, 233-2787, Through Jan. 4

Rainbow Powers Cubed
Anytime that Bwana Spoons is in an exhibition, you can count on it being worth your while to visit. Rainbow Powers Cubed features the work of Mr. Spoons as well as Shawn Wolfe, Arbito, and Dave the Chimp. Compound, 11 NW 2nd, Through Dec.

* To Be or Wannabe: 25 Portraits by Monte Hellman
Check out Portland's new DVD-only store, specializing in art house flicks and imports, and while you're in there, check out the photography exhibit by Monte Hellman. Hellman is a cult film director responsible for classic works like Silent Night Deadly Night 3 and 1964's Back Door to Hell, with an extremely young Jack Nicholson. Hellman's photos include portraits of Nicholson, Barbara Bain, and Martin Landau. Watch This!, 916 W. Burnside, 223-1791, Showing indefinitely

* Winter Wonderland
Motel continues its run of quirky and charming shows of illustration-based exhibitions with Winter Wonderland, a group show with plenty of snowmen, snow flakes, and snow angels. Motel, NW Couch between 5 & 6, Through Dec.

* Blue Moon Camera Customer Show
Boy, do we love Blue Moon Camera, with their amazing custom printing, and incredible collection of old fashioned cameras and typwriters. And now they're having an art show, featuring 200 images from over 35 of their favorite customers. Is there anything Blue Camera does that doesn't make them more quirky and endearing? Cafe Nola, N. Lombard & Alta, 285-2298, through Dec