Boys of Summer
In a group show that will probably not be as cool as the Don Henley video for the song of the same name, three artists show work about America's favorite nostalgic cliché: baseball. Noted photographer David Levinthal is showing some new work about his favorite players, which only reminds us of how irrelevant and uninteresting his career has become. Augen Gallery, 817 SW 2nd Ave, 224-8182, Through July 29

* Dan Ness
Dan Ness is a Marshall McLuhan-quoting emerging artist who combines collage and screen printing in his paintings when he's not busy working on stop-motion animations. His turn-ons include recycling pop imagery, and his turn-offs probably include smartass, unfunny art writers. Mark Woolley Gallery, 120 NW 9th Suite 210, 224-5475, Through July 31

* Mercury Cover Art Show
In addition to being your source for the best in Portland news, culture, and arts, the Mercury, via its amazing covers, has always been a veritable showcase for artists from just about everywhere. Now observe the original artwork behind these illustrious covers, laid out before you in one whopping glut of beautiful, twisted dementia. The Art Nucleus, 1905 NW 26th, 503-224-2582, through July 28

Michael Schultheis
Visually, Schultheis' abstract canvases look like conventional dark abstraction along the lines of Pat Steir or Cy Twombly. The paintings' origins are all derived from A Beautiful Mind-ish mathematical talk about oscillatory system energy and equilibrium positions. Froelick Gallery, 817 SW 2nd Ave, 222-1142, Through July 2