Creamy Cheesecake
Into comics but can't stand the emo stylings of artists like Craig Thompson or the haiku simplicity of American Elf? Do you prefer, say, Superman and Wonder Woman? Then here's the show for you: Matthew Clark and Drew Johnson respectively draw for each of those comics, and their display sketches will be on view all month at Pause. Pause Gallery, 625 NW Everett St. 110, 503-888-7895, Aug. 5 - 29

* Vertical Garden
The heavily anticipated show from Hilary Pfeifer and Heather Perkins boasts over 1000 (handmade) natural curiosities as well as an original sound installation. Portland Building Lobby, 1120 SW 5th, Through Aug. 19

* Miniatures
Folk art--or outsider art, or art brut, or whatever you want to call it-is a fascinating but problematic genre. What separates folk art from bad art? An outsider artist from a college dropout artist? Are you still a folk artist when you have gallery representation? Would we care about half the art brut out there if the artists had MFAs from Yale? Think about these questions when you go see this show of miniature paintings by 30 international "folk" artists. Mark Woolley Gallery, 120 NW 9th Suite 210, 224-5475, Through Aug. 28

Snow Days
Local portrait artist Gwenn Seemel presents painted headshots of our local newscasters. This would be brilliant if Seemel was a hermit who hadn't left the house in 30 years, but since I assume she isn't, it seems like a fairly lame look at the media wherein the artist doesn't really make a point. Northwest Sony Only, 1610 NW Glisan, 292-7868, Through Aug. 3

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