* Cynthia Lahti: A Secret History
As part of the ongoing series of exhibitions in Reed's library foyer, Cynthia Lahti has created an exhibition of drawings and porcelain sculptures dealing with intimacy and loss. So in case you don't get enough of that in your own life, here's some more for you... Case Works , Hauser Library, Reed College, Through Nov. 18

* Hans Haacke lecture
Hans Haacke is a big-deal conceptual artist whose 1971 show at the Guggenheim was canceled less than two months before it opened and resulted in the curator getting fired. He's all about the sociopolitical relationships between individuals and institutions, so head out to Portland's most prestigious institution Wednesday night and give him a big Beaver welcome to Reed College. Vollum Lounge, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock, 777-7755, Wednesday, 7 pm, free

* Michelle Ross - Haptic Loop
There's a contingency out there who quickly dismisses Michelle Ross' tweaky, pseudo-pathetic brand of thrift store minimalism. I want to shake these people and go all Clockwork Orange on them, forcing them to really look, and maybe even think, until her paintings start making sense to them. For Haptic Loop, Ross gets rid of her normal painting surfaces and goes straight for painting and collaging right on the walls. Savage Art Resources, 1430 SE Third Ave, 230-0265, Sept. 27-Oct. 23 Opening reception Wednesday 5-7 pm

Portland Modern Showcase
Portland Modern is a new local art mag who got mad when we poo-pooed their pay-for-submission policy and then showed us a thing or two by publishing a really uninspiring collection of bad reproductions. Fortunately, some of the local galleries are pitching in and exhibiting their favorite selections from the magazine in the flesh. Disjecta is showing the work of four artists from the first issue, as well as a held over show of prints by Canadian duo Serigraphie Populaire. Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, 335-6979, Through Oct. 10

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