Brian Borello: Poison
It's the last show at the Eva Lake-fueled Standard Arts Window as we know it. Brian Borello, he of the seductive motor oil paintings and broad local fan base, has created Poison, a neon installation with "miracle of life" overtones. Standard Arts Window, 1715 NW Lovejoy, Oct. 15 - Nov. 15

* The Bambi Effect
The Bambi Effect is the enviro-lingo term for the feelings viewers get when they see defenseless animals killed or harmed. In other words, it's base, emotional manipulation on the same level as using 9/11 footage for political advancement or using pornography to make a guy horny. It's also the name of this deer-themed show at Savage, whose press release name-drops the band Deerhoof. Nice! Savage Art Resources, 1430 SE Third Ave, 230-0265, Through Nov. 30

Jock Sturges
Sturges had potential to be a relevant artist--his earliest work fused classical nude photography with a curiosity about budding teenage sexuality. His work now, though, consists of highly crafted nudes of mostly underage girls in a high-kitsch style. Butters Gallery, 520 NW Davis St, 248-9378, Through Oct. 30

* Marie Watt: Sewing Bee
Marie Watt, an uncommonly interesting fiber artist and member of the Seneca Tribe of the Iroquois nation, explores the heritage and associations of wool blankets, with nods toward ancestral traditions as well as Jasper Johns. IFCC, 5340 N Interstate Ave, 823-4322, Through Oct. 28

* On Wood! (Part One)
Newlyweds Amy and Justin Morrison create cartoony paintings and collages on scrap lumber in a folksy/lowbrow style that is quite charming. C-Bar, 2880 SE Gladstone, Through Oct. 31

See Beyond the Music
I'm not sure that the die-hard music community would particularly care what kind of music local painters created in their spare time, or why I should care what kind of visual art these Beta-lactam Ring Records musicians create in their spare time. Optic Nerve Arts, 1829 NE Alberta St. #11, Through Oct. 27

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