* ...Because Cynicism Left Yesterday
Artists Liz Haley and John Vitale have assembled a collection of artists from across America whose work is "unflappably sincere" and "visually progressive." The participating artists include art-stars Barbara Ess and Chris Johanson. Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, 335-6979, Through Oct 31

* Chandra Bocci
See review this issue. Haze Gallery, 6635 N. Baltimore Ste. 211, 503-283-6863, Closes Forever Friday, 8 pm

Lucian Freud Etchings
We hate to pick on the art museum so much, but jeez, they make themselves such easy targets. Each exhibition seems like an attempt to out-stodge their last. Now they bring us etchings by Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund) from the UBS Art Collection. Freud, a master figurative painter, is as drab and conservative as they come. The one population segment that really benefits from this show: figure drawing teachers who now have the best excuse ever to take that field trip they've been longing for. Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave, 226-2811, Oct 30 - Jan 23, $6-10

* Marie Watt: Sewing Bee
Marie Watt, an uncommonly interesting fiber artist and member of the Seneca Tribe of the Iroquois nation, explores the heritage and associations of wool blankets, with nods toward ancestral traditions as well as Jasper Johns. IFCC, 5340 N Interstate Ave, 823-4322, Through Oct 28

Photography Swap Meet
The Mount Hood Community College Photography Club is throwing their second annual Photography Swap Meet this Saturday, a great place to score flashes, cameras, light stands, and filters at great prices and to take in the requisite workshops and demonstrations. Jackson Armory, 6255 NE Cornfoot Rd., Saturday 9:30 am - 3:30 pm, $3-15