24-Hour Drawing Marathon
As Ali G pointed out, to see a girl naked, you usually have to take her out to dinner and talk to her and shit. Artists, however have come up with a good scam called "life drawing" where girls get naked for you without all the hassle. PSU students and faculty are way into this idea, hosting a 24 hour life drawing marathon that culminates in an auction of the drawings Friday night. So for all you pervs who can't afford the cover at Union Jacks--this one's on PSU. Portland State University Art Building, 2000 SW 5th, Thursday 6pm - Friday 6pm

Nic Walker, the ultra-prolific, hit-or-miss artist whose work traffics in death, junkyards, and mute clowns, shows his latest batch of paintings at p:ear gallery. p:ear gallery, 809 SW Alder, 228-6677, Through Nov 23

Saturation & Recollection
Fresh off an October renovation, Gallery 500 bounces back with two exhibitions from a total of four artists. Rio Wrenn claims to have "conceptually integrated the tantric chakra system," so don't be so dumb to think that you're just looking at rust stains on silk. Also, Ryan Jeffrey, Ethan Rose, and Michael Bauch have created a video, sound, and architecture installation. Gallery 500, 420 SW Washington, Suite 500, 223-3951, Through Nov. 26

* Tad Savinar
Tad Savinar makes work about the things that are making us all blue these days, but he does so in intelligent, thoughful, and nonreactionary ways, which makes him a valuable asset to our fair city. Savage Art Resources, 1430 SE Third Ave, 230-0265, Through Nov.

The Magnificent Shrink & Dink Show
Every week we're receiving press releases about some gallery going out of business--the Art Nucleus is the latest casualty in the gallery dead pool. For their final show, over 150 artists have created work with Shrinky dink material. Hey, i might get a little shrinky dink when I get cold or scared, but at least I don't go running around making art about it. The Art Nucleus, 1905 NW 26th, 503-224-2582, Through Dec. 17

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