* Adrian Chesser and Tim Wride, A Conversation
Photographer Adrian Chesser created a "gee, thanks" series of portraits of his friends at the exact moment that he told them that he had AIDS. The artist will be discussing his work with Tim Wride, who was the Curator of Photography at the LA County Museum of Art until very recently. What's next? Say cheese, I just ran over your dog? Blue Sky Photography Gallery, 1231 NW Hoyt St, 225-0210, Wednesday, 7:30pm

Amy Ruppel
Amy Ruppel's paintings combine abstracted digital photographs, seductive waxy surfaces, collage and line drawings to create charming, intimate objects. Stumptown-Belmont, Through Nov.

Printed Matter
Nova Bartlett and Rachel Wiecking, two book lovers, did what most exhibiting artists at the Powell's gallery seem to have willfully neglected--they created work that responds to the overwhelming flood of books just a few feet away. Exploring both the physicality and the contents of books in the store, the original source materials are displayed adjacent to the finished artworks. Basil Hallward Gallery at Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St, 228-4651, through Nov 30

Rachel Maxi
Rachel Maxi's noirish paintings of urban nighttime scenes make their Portland debut in this show at Marghitta Feldman Gallery. Marghitta Feldman Gallery, 1102 NW Marshall St., Nov. 30 - Dec. 30

* Tad Savinar
Tad Savinar makes work about the things that are making us all blue these days, but he does so in intelligent, thoughtful, and nonreactionary ways, which makes him a valuable asset to our fair city. Savage Art Resources, 1430 SE Third Ave, 230-0265, Through Nov