* People of The River: Native Arts of the Oregon Territory
This promises to be an amazing collection of beautiful objects that blend decorative beauty, mythology, and functionality. Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave, 226-2811, Through May 29

* Super Goop
Brand new art space V-Gun holds much promise, as their exhibitions are co-curated by artists Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas. Their first show comes from Portland's thickest painter, Jesse Hayward, who loads more paint onto a single canvas than most painters use in their whole career. V-Gun, 412 SW Fourth Ave., 503-226-3400, Through March 13

* Unexpected Watercolors
The Art Gym show features nine artists from the West Coast, who are making work as interesting as anything created with any other medium used to transfer pigments. Marylhurst Art Gym, 17600 Pacific Hwy., 699-6243, Through Feb. 17